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Sound World Enterprises, Newcastle Australia
Cardiff, Mayfield, Kotara, Hunter St, CBD & Maitland
Since 1974 and OnLine from 1995 to 2024

Sound World
Established during mid December 1974 and on line since 1995, Sound World became Newcastle's most successful independent record store business chain. Within several months of opening its first Sound World, it commenced a second retail store. By 1981, Sound World had acquired its third store, this time in one of Newcastle's largest retail complexes, Garden City Kotara, (now Westfield).
During the mid-80's and up into the 90's, Sound World expanded its retail stores further into the Hunter valley by opening a store in the heart of the Maitland CBD. Sound World continued to expand with the opening of its Mega Store in the heart of the Newcastle Central Business District.
Sound World was founded by Spero Davias, Electrologos, electrical contractor, and an electronics technician. Its role was as a record / CD retail music store and secondly as an extension to Spero's existing electronic workshops who amongst other ventures, designed and built thermionic valve amplifiers and PA’s for various venues and bands throughout Australia.  Musos, still talk about the rich sounds of the old valve type amplifier. Overall, Sound World's journey reflects not only the evolution of the music industry but also the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication of its founder, Spero Davias.

Spero Amplifiers

During 2006, Sound World undertook a major restructure, winding down all its bricks-and-mortar local retail business outlets and outsourcing it's 'on line' music sales from the world's leading music providers. Today, Sound World is concentrating on the hi-tech electronics market, importing and distribution of tech products as well as investigating and marketing new technology, when and as it comes along.

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