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About Sound World
Newcastle's most successful independent record store business

Born in December 1974, Sound World emerged as a retail record / CD music store, swiftly expanding to two outlets within months of its inception.
By the mid-1980s, this fledgling enterprise burgeoned into a network of five retail stores, establishing itself as Newcastle's premier music retail chain.
In March 1983, Sound World underwent a pivotal transformation, incorporating into an Australian Pty Limited Company, signaling a new chapter in its evolution.
Led by its visionary director and CEO, Spero Davias, the company diversified its portfolio, venturing into technology sales and installations alongside its core music retail business.
Embracing the digital age, Sound World pioneered online commerce in 1995, carving a niche as one of Australia's early web-based enterprises.
A transformative restructure in 2006 saw the company pivot away from local retail outlets, shifting focus to high-tech markets such as Voice over IP, wireless broadband, and tech product importation and distribution, marking a bold stride into the future of technology innovation and commerce.



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