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Gorrilafish is a young band who have been driving hard through the competitive musical minefield that is.....Newcastle.

Suddenly the spotlight has been turned onto a city, which has as many hard working, determined bands per square metre, as any other city in the world.

Small Hotels, Clubs, Bars and dark dens of noise suck many bands into the flow.

Predominately in the past, cover bands have been brainwashing away, but due to local international success and sheer persistance, original music is screaming out loud and people are really listening and supporting.

The acceptance of vast potential in Newcastle is becoming widespread.

Groove driven original rhythms have proven the right formula for Gorrilafish. Their strong, loyal following is building with each performance.

Varied original sounds based on uncomplicated guitar-grooved crunch. Anything, anywhere, anytime has lead to the production of their Debut Demo EP. No name, just music.

Various work with touring acts and competition success, have helped to secure Gorrilafish onward surge in this area.

The chained up mongrels of the Hunter are now barking.

Gorrilafish will charge with them.

Download the latest track from the E.P.

No Fear [369K, WAV, 34sec]


P.O.Box 685
Charlestown, 2290


Darren Searles
(049) 423776

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