The History of Hunter Street
NORTH SIDE of Hunter Street,  Shop # 2 to # 992
Lost Hunter Street, Newcastle NSW Au
H3  v1.2

A Historical Chronological List of
"Who was who in downtown Hunter Street"
It's people, places, past and present.

Lost Hunter St.... Our story Continues... This page concentrates on the North Side of the Street

By Spero Davias
Spero Davias
(Updated 11/07/2024)
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A Historical listing by property number of the early businesses of Hunter Street, Newcastle

This project is work in progress
as I find more information, it will be added

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On this project, Hunter Street is divided into North & South sides,
This is the North side followed by the South Side here

The Highlighted test represents HotelCafePlace of Interest,  Night Club 

You may see the symbol (20PhBk) used throughout the site. This means the address was double checked via the PO phone book of that year.

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Hunter St
Shop Numbering System

By Spero Davias VK2YHX

North Side of Hunter Street
Beginning at the East End, on the NORTH SIDE of Hunter Street and continuing west
On the harbor side of Street,  in the Telford (Cowper St) to Pacific St Block....

2 Hunter St, Cnr Telford St, The Vienna Cafe on the left with Hellenic Court on far Right - 1976  (photo Ed Tonks)

2 Hunter & Telford St's (Corner) Newcastle, East End
  • 1910 - Built as the Wombah Flats in Telford Street
  • 1910 - Charles Treleven & T. Waterman, 1910-1920 (as per the 1910 & 1920PhoneBook)
  • 1930 - The Vienna Cafe. The original Vienna Cafe was fitted out by businessman Kurt Picardi back in the early years.  I recall, around 1958 the Vienna was totally renovated by the new owner Demetrios (Jim) K. Kolivas who was also known by his stage name Valentino or Rudy, just after his return from a stint in Hollywood.
  • 1979 - The building was demolished and now part of Pacific Park.
  • The Vienna Cafe .. I recall the owner of the Vienna, Demetrios, had bought one of the early 'black & white television sets' in the neighborhood. He had it take pride and place in the back room of his Cafe. As I was just living just a few doors down the street in Hellenic Court, he used to invite me in to watch TV anytime....  The TV intrigued me so much...  but not as much as the TV antenna installation...  I was stunned at watching the TV Antenna installers putting up a 50 foot mast up on the roof of the building.... Then for weeks i would sit outside the cafe and stare at this 'Antenna on the roof' and thinking " how does all this work ?"  What goes down those two wires?, What makes this thing tick !!, How do those things appear on the screen through a couple of of bits of wire.... For those that know me, "The rest is History"....

4 Hunter St Newcastle
  • 1920 - James McHattle, resided on the premises.   (20PhBk) (as per the 1920PhoneBook)
  • 1929 - The Canberra Cafe, 1929 -1936, was built on this site in 1929 the later in 1936 was sold and the Fixtures and fittings were auctioned off at the Kosciusko Cafe venue opposite.
  • 1936-  The Shortland Cafe, 1936-1943 The Canberra Cafe was purchased in 1936, renamed and reopened as the Shortland Cafe.
  • 1943 - The Morris Cafethe Shortland was purchased in 1943. It was renamed and reopened as the Morris Cafe. The cafe closed down a short time later.
  • 1979 - The building was demolished and is now part of The Pacific Park.
  • Currently - Pacific Park

6 Hunter St Newcastle
  • 1920 - Mrs Julia Patton, resided on the premises.   (20PhBk)
  • 1930 - Gartrell White Ltd, Opened up a Cake and Pastry Depot, they also incorporated an Aeroplane Flour Depot
  • 1932 - M.S. Riddle, In 1932, Riddle bought the business and turned it into a Mixed Business Store
  • 1935 - M.L. Frith, 1935-1940,  Grocer & Confectioners
  • 1940 - MacNeill's Cafe 1948-1950  (50PhBk)
  • 1950 - The Original Shipmates, began 1st January 1950It was the brainchild of pioneer restaurateur Clem Ashford, a tattooed adventurer who returned from the South Seas in 1975 to shake up the local food scene. As well as having some of the best chips and hamburgers in Newcastle. Clem also opened up two other shops right across the road. They were Shipmates Dairy Delight, a milkshake shop and Shipmates Sugar & Spice a donuts and hamburger shop. Clem was a wee bit ahead of his time and a great operator.Clem Ashford later also created Clams, a landmark seafood restaurant at Merewether.
  • 1979 - The building was demolished, now part of Pacific Park.
  • Currently - Pacific Park
  • For more fascinating stories on Clem Ashford click here

8a Hunter St Newcastle
  • 1920 - Vacant land part of the Newcastle East Sand Hills    (20PhBk)
  • 1935 - T. P. Ryan, Tailor
  • 1953 -  Dr Wilkinson, Dr Van Dyke, Upper Floor
  • 1969 - Karl Manhood, Lived in an upstairs flat directly opposite Shipmates [ 6 Hunter St ] in 1969/70. The downstairs shops were all empty except for the fleas and other " inhabitants".
  • Currently - Pacific Park

The Pacific Cafe with Shipmates next door, Hunter St, Top of Town, with my residance on the far left

8b Hunter St Newcastle
  • 1920 - Vacant   (20PhBk)
  • 1938 - Vacant land part of the Newcastle East Sand Hills
  • 1940 - Blakes Book Shop   ok
  • 1953 - The Pacific Cafe,  It was operated by Chris Sofianos and Stan Tsohadsis, who were Cousins and partners / proprietors. It was located directly across the road from the Kosciusko Cafe,  The Pacific Cafe was large shop, with serving counters at both sides as you entered. The Pacific Cafe was.sold in 1959.  Chris then went on to Red Funnel.Fisheries in Wharf Road.
  • 1979 - The building was demolished, now part of Pacific Park
  • Currently - Pacific Park

Note - Back in the 1960's and 1970's, This particular block of shops in Hunter St between Telford and Pacific Street, (now demolished) were the most popular shops of Hunter St ... 'top of town',  a late Saturday night Hamburger was just the thing after a big night out !
Pacific Park

North Side of Hunter Street extended
<<<< Crossing over Pacific St (Macquarie St) and continuing west along Hunter Street >>>>>>
Pacific to Watt St Block.... for South side of the Street click here

The area below, up and until 1920, to Watt St, was mainly shifting sand hills

34-36 Cnr Hunter St / 10-12 Hunter St, Newcastle, (in 1932-50 it was known as 10 Hunter St
  • 1930 - Standard Credit Tailors Ltd
  • 1938Lawrence & Hanson Electrical Pty. Ltd. 1938-1950, Electrical Wholesalers & Radio Supplies 10 Hunter St
  • Currently - Backpackers by the Beach
  • Proposed - Serviced apartments with ground floor commercial tenancy
  • Property Owner: J A RICHARDSON 2300

38-40 Hunter St / 14-16 Hunter St, Newcastle
  • 1930 - Jones & Jones Cafe 1930-1955
  • 1935 - John Layfield & Co, Horehound beer bar    16 Hunter St
  • 2010 - Missy Mou, clothing Store
  • 2015 - Q Hair, Hairdresser  Lueur Hair Studio
  • 2017 - Knot
  • Currently - Lueur Hair Studio
  • Property Owner:R TESLA 2010

42-44 Hunter St / 18 Hunter St,  Newcastle
  • 1932 - Mrs A Clarke, 1938-1950, Florist, Boot and Shoe repairers.  18 Hunter St  (50PhBk)
  • 2008 - Current - Edward Cross Photography   
  • Property Owner:C J LAWLOR

46 Hunter St / 20 Hunter St,  Newcastle, (in 1932 start of 16 Hunter St)
  • 1930 - Charlie E. Church, Solicitor  20 Hunter St
  • 1932 - Church & Youll,  Solicitors   20 Hunter St
  • 1938 - Natural Health Store, Grocer & Cafe
  • 1950 - Wellbeing Massage Therapy
  • 2008 - Current - Wellbeing Massage Therapy  
  • Property Owner:C J LAWLOR 2299

48-56 Hunter St / 16a Hunter St)  Newcastle (Photo Google 2019)

The Sun Building 50 Hunter St 1955

48-56 Hunter St / 24 Hunter St  Newcastle,  Multi Story, The Sun Building, MMI Building
  • 1930 - Mrs W. Armstrong, Confectionary
  • 1930 - Newcastle Sun Newspapers,  1930-1955, Evening Daily newspaper, The Northern Times was first published in 1916. In 1918 the Times was purchased by Sir Hugh Denison, publisher of The Sun who changed the name to The Newcastle Sun..The Newcastle Sun was acquired by Newcastle Morning Herald in 1936 and continued until 1980 when it ceased publication. (30PhBk)
  • 1932 - W. Armstrong, Jeweller 
  • 1940 - Radio 2NX   1940 to 1970  Associated with the Sun Newspaper from 1926.
  • 1947 - Lance Adams, Music Teacher and retailer of musical instruments
  • 1952 - Willmore and Randell
  • 1953 - Level 5, Nautilus Gym
  • 1960 - Level 5, Police, 1960-2010, Special Opps and AFP
  • 1970 - Level 3, Nautilus Gym
  • 1980 - Australian Scenic Tours
  • 1989 - Building owned by the Kurts Property Group of Brisbane
  • 2010 - Level 5, Yoga Loft. Loft Community is a YOGA loft initiative.
  • NoteThe Sun Building  with various tenants includingKingston Properties, eamarked in 2019 for a major refit of the top floors
  • 2008 - Current - SiDCOR chartered accountants

58-60 Hunter St / 26 Hunter St,  Newcastle
  • 1930 - Level 4, Lawrence & Hanson Electrical, Office 26 (30PhBk)
  • 1935 - Prudential Assur Co Ltd, 1935-1940
  • 1950 - Civette, Hairdresser,   (50PhBk)
  • 1970 - Police Credit Union, office
  • 1980 - Stuart & Dunn, Stationers
  • 2008 - HR Workbench
  • 2015 - Bridges Financial
  • 2020 - Current - Hunter Financial
  • Property Owner:RJR INVESTMENTS PTY LIMITED 2291 

62 Hunter St Newcastle
  • 2008 - SunCity Solariums
  • 2015 - Exhale, Beauty Emporium
  • 2018 - MisKonduct Klothing
  • 2019 - Current - Conveniance Store

64 Hunter St / 28 Hunter St,  Newcastle
  • 1920 - F.J.Street, Hairdresser Tobacconist   28 (20PhBk)
  • 1930 - W. S. Brenden, Radio Engineer
  • 1930 - General Sports Co, Sporting Requirements
  • 1976 - Nick's Barber Shop
  • 2006 - Tony's Hairdressing
  • Currently - Tony's Hairdressing
  • Proposed - Partly Demolished ... the existing ground level shop and construction of a shop top housing development
  • Property Owner: A RUFO 2303

66-72 Cnr Hunter St / 30-32 Hunter St Newcastle  National Bank Chambers
  • 1880 - Dalgetty Brokers
  • 1895 - Lang Wood & Co, An advertisement in another column announces that Mr. H.H. Lang, auctioneer, has admitted Mr. J. C. Wood as a partner into his business. and that henceforth the firm will carry on as Lang, Wood, and Co.
  • 1910 - National Nank of Australasia Ltd, J.A. McDonald Mg  30 (20+30PhBk)
  • 1920 - W.E. Smith Ltd, Printers and manufacturing stationers  30 (20PhBk)
  • 1920 - F.J. Street, Hairdresser & Tobacconist
  • 1920 - E. F. Wilks & Co Pty Ltd, 1920-1945, Piano sales  (40PhBk)
  • 1930 - HC Lockwood, Hardware Merchant
  • 1933 - Radio 2KO  Newcastle  Broadcasting Pty Ltd,1933-1950, In 1933, the station was operated from several locations including 72 Hunter St, until January 1950, then it moved to new studios and offices in the heart of Newcastle in the CML Building at 110 Hunter Street.
  • 1938Upper Level, Douglas Pty Ltd, Merchants, Tasmanian Government Tourist Bureau, Globe Racing Service,  L.E. Lewis, Chiropodist,    Willmore & Randell, Agent House and Land, Burroughs Ltd, Adding Machines, Wanted, Senior Burroughs Calculator operator and Senior Burroughs Ledger Machlne Operator.
  • Newcastle Amateur Radio ClubSydney Daily Telegraph,  Newcastle Aero ClubLeslie E.Thompson & Co, AccountantCol Mutual Life Asurance Soc Ltd, E. M. Engert, Dental Mechanic,  Stronach Pty Ltd, Builders,  Upper Level, L.G. Regan, Agents Financial,   K.F. Gilligan, Agent House and Land,    Australasian Cath Truth Society, The Surf Life Saving Association of Australia,     The Federal Taxation Dpt,   EF Wilks & Co,    J. Braun, Barrister, Homecrafts, refrigerators etc, Gordon and Gotch Australia Ltd.Bookseller,  F. J. Jamieson and Son, Builders
  • 1950 - Upper Level, Jones C Campbell, Accountant,    McGregor & McGregor, Accountant,   F.L. Rouse, Agents Financial,  J. Braun, Barrister
  • 1950 - Upper Level, W.I. Evans,  Agents Manufacturing,      E. Farrell, Agents Manufacturing,       G.T. Hick, Agents Manufacturing, Newcastle Rugby Union
  • 1950 - Upper Level, Jeater, Rod & Hay, Architects, R.G.Lees, Architects, Florist Needlecraft, Art Needlework, Australian Red Cross
  • 1950 - Upper Level, Assoc of Employers Union of Waterside Labour, Australian Railways Union,  Australian Steamship Owners Federation.
  • 1950 - Upper Level, Newcastle & Dist Assoc for Crippled Children, R.A. Jones, Chiropractor
  • Currently - Multi story Office Block building
North Side of Hunter Street (Wellington St) 
<<<< Crossing over Watt St (George St) and continuing west along Hunter Street >>>>>>
Watt to Bolton St Block.... for South side of the Street click here

Note: Watt Street was known as High Street or George Street (after King George) prior to 1823. It is said that the first track was formed by convicts carrying barrows of coal from the coal mine down to the wharf at the foot of the street.

The Newcastle Post Office, Public Works Dept & Police Dept (photo UNI)

74-76 Cnr Hunter St Newcastle
  • 1879 - Commercial Bank on the Corner (from old maps)
  • 1895 - Ball Bros, Grocers, Provision, Wine, and Produce Merchants,
  • 1909 - The Christian's Center, 1909-1950, Bookseller.
  • 1950 - G.R. Felser,  Accountant
  • Currently - Multi story with various tenant

The Start of Watt St at the Post Office  (Photo Ncle Herald) Hunter St Blocked at Watt St T intersection by Lang Wood & Co Building

82-86 Hunter St Newcastle, The Newcastle Post Office
  • 1850 - Newcastle Post Office and Exchange (from old maps)
  • 1860 - The Newcastle Post Office, The first Newcastle Post Office was opened on 1 March 1828, being one of the first seven opened outside Sydney. The original office was situated in the 'Sessions House' on the corner of Watt and Church Streets, with Duncan Forbes Mackay, the Superintendent of Convicts, as the first Postmaster.
  • 1872 - The Public Works Dept, Shops & Factories Dept, Old age pension Dept, 1872-1932  originally a post office constructed in 1860 it was redesigned in 1872 by James Barnet for the Public Works Department  (20+30PhBk)
  • 1920 - Health Dept,   (20+30PhBk)
  • 1920 - Weights & Measures, Education Dept.      (20+30PhBk)
  • Currently - 'The Lock UP' was Hunt & Hunt Lawyers
  • Property Owner: NEWCASTLE HISTORIC (R98160) RESERVE TRUST 2300

Post Office
Post office & Telegraph Office (Photo Percy Sternbeck) 1886

88 Hunter St Newcastle, The Electric Telegraph Office
  • 1850 - Telegraph Office (from old maps)
  • 1861 - The Electric Telegraph Office  The Inspector weights and measurements, Health Dept. 1861-1930
  • 1891 - The School of Arts moved to premises at the Telegraph Office (Hunter Street)
  • Currently - 'The Lock UP' The Lock-Up was built to support the Newcastle Police Station which was housed in the adjacent Court House (now the site of the former 1902 Post Office) and was used from 1861 until its closure in 1982.
  • Property Owner: NEWCASTLE HISTORIC (R98160) RESERVE TRUST 2300

Post Office
Lookimg West in Hunter St near Watt St Corner  (Photo Ralph Snowball)  Spero Digicolor about early1887

Hunter St looking towards the Post Office and The Ship Inn
(Photo Ncle Herald Arch) 1830

90 Hunter St Newcastle, The Newcastle Police Station
  • 1850 - Watch House / Police Station
  • 1859The Newcastle Police Station. 1859-1982, designed by Mortimer Lewis in 1859, the old police station was further extended by J. Barnet in 1890. Now known as Heritage House, it houses The Lock-Up, which houses an art gallery, Artist in Residence (AiR) program and museum to create a unique destination with a range of cultural activity, The work of a celebrated list of Colonial and Government Architects. Built in 1861 as the Newcastle Police Station and Lock Up. One of the few examples of this architectural style in Newcastle. Victorian Regency style.
  • 1890 - Police Station further extended   (30PhBk)
  • Currently - Timeless Textiles and The Lock-Up, fibre art galery
  • Property Owner: NEWCASTLE HISTORIC (R98160) RESERVE TRUST 2300

Old courthouse, Hunter and Bolton Streets, Newcastle (Photo Ralph Snowball) 1839-1893

In 1857 Mr Christie recalled seeing a huge bed of sand outside the present post office. It may well have been Newcastle's first roundabout as it was used to "turn" bullock teams. In a paddock on the corner of Hunter and Bolton Streets - the site of the old State Bank - horses grazed and residents kept their carts and drays.

92-94 Hunter St / 62 Hunter St / 22 Hunter St , Newcastle East,Newcastle, The Lock-Up
  • 1830 - Court House (from old maps)
  • 1838 - The Lock-Up  In 1838 a Court House designed by Colonial Architect Mortimer Lewis was constructed on the corner of Hunter and Bolton Streets, where the former Newcastle Post Office building now sits. It included a lock-up comprising two cells but by 1855 as the former penal settlement was developing into a flourishing coal export centre, it was deemed inadequate. The building of the Newcastle Police Station and Lock-Up was completed in 1861. Mortimer Lewis Jnr designed a single storey building under the direction of James Barnet.In 1867 a kitchen block was added to the rear and other alterations carried out between 1870-1890 included additional cells. Symmetrical extensions were added, which enlarged the Hunter Street facade, and a brick perimeter wall was built in 1882. Aligned with the corners of these new extensions, the wall provided secure exercise yards.
  • 1903 - The Newcastle Court HouseIn 1890 Government Architect Walter Vernon added a second storey over the front section of the building. In the same year a new Court House was built in Church Street and the old building was subsequently demolished to make way for a new Post Office (1903), which still stands today
  • 1920 - Commonwealth Savings Bank    (20+30PhBk)
  • 1932 - Post & Telegraph office, The Postmaster-General's Department (PMG) was an Australian Government department, established at Australia's Federation in 1901, whose responsibilities included the provision of postal and telegraphic services throughout Australia. It was abolished in December 1975, and in its place two separate legal entities were established: Telecom (which later became Telstra) and Australia Post. Robert W. Arnott (Post Master 1905)
  • 1990 - Built in 1903 it's the old Newcastle Post Office One of the City’s most magnificent architectural icons. Symbolises importance of Newcastle at the turn of the century
  • Currently - being redeveloped
  • Further Info on the Post Office Building
  • The old Newcastle Post Office this was the site of the original Court House, the Post Office was erected in 1903 and designed by W. L. Vernon, a fine example of Edwardian classical architecture. The NSW Land and Property Management Authority has purchased the historic former Newcastle Post Office and is committed to redeveloping the site.
North Side of Hunter Street (Wellington St) 
<<<<<  Crossing over Bolton St (St Patricks St) and continuing west along Hunter Street >>>>
Bolton to Newcomen St Block.... for South side click here

NOTE in 1935 the Hunter St numbers written in BLUE were used... e.g. 68 Hunter St,
before 1908, the Hunter st shop numbers are shown in 'green' e.g.
24 Hunter St.  up to Perkins St

96 Hunter / 24 Hunter / 68 Hunter St, J.J. Kittson,  A. Dalby, Great Northern Boot Emporium, Ship Inn/Hay's Furnature Arcade (Photo Ralph Snowball) 1891

96 Cnr Hunter St / 64-66 Hunter St / 24 Hunter St, Newcastle East, ANZ Bank building  (in 1909 / 24 Hunter St, in 1920 66-68 Hunter St)
  • 1823 - James and Nancy McClymont arrived on the Andromeda. In 1824, James McClymont applied for and was granted an allotment of land in Newcastle. This was allotment 136 in Hunter street near Perkins Street. This was very close to the site of William Rouse's hotel which became known as the Newcastle Inn in the 1840's, As well as allotment 136, James McClymont was also granted land on the Hunter River. He became the innkeeper at The Ship Inn which was situated at the foot of Watt Street, Newcastle,  close to the site of the future Great Northern Hotel in Scott Street. It was the first hotel in Newcastle. When James McClymont died in 1829, John Hillier took over as innkeeper of The Ship Inn. By 1832 James Pawsey took over & kept the The Ship Inn. During 1831 to 1832 he was issued a publican's license for The Australian Inn.
    1841, James Hannell had taken over the licence for The Ship Inn. Around 1842  The Ship Inn Hotel's  location was changed to a new building; a publican's license was issued to James Hannell under the sign of The Ship Inn in Perkins Street, Newcastle. 
  • 1844 - The license was issued to James Hannell for the Ship Inn which he now situated on the south eastern corner of Hunter and Bolton Streets, on the site of The Union Inn Hotel.
  • 1846 - James Hannell moved the license for the The Ship Inn from the Union Inn Hotel Site, to a new site diagonally opposite on the north west corner of Hunter and Bolton Streets. During December 1846, James Hannell  constructed a new Ship Inn on this site, and it became an important meeting place for the community. Hannell was a prominent Newcastle businessman and citizen, and after playing a leading role in achieving Municipal status for Newcastle in 1859, he was elected Newcastle's first Mayor.  Next to the Ship Inn Hotel in Bolton St was The Bank Of Australasia, Down further along Bolton St was the office of Wood Brothers & Co all situated opposite the former Court House which later became the Post Office.
    The Ship Inn Hotel
    was demolished in 1912.  It was reported that the license of the Ship Inn had been eventually transferred to the site of the Union Inn (near the Civic area, now known as 451-459 Hunter St).
  • 1879 - Union Bank Chambers, The Hannell family sold the land to the Union Bank of Australia in 1885, but it appears that the bank had been operating from the hotel building on a leasehold basis since November 1879. The bank continued to trade from the Ship Inn building, adapted to suit their operations, until 1912, when it was demolished to make way for the purpose-built premises, The ANZ Bank building   (09+20PhBk)
  • 1888 - A. Hay's Furnature Arcade
  • 1905 - Brown & Mitchell, Solicitors 24 Hunter St (09PhBk)
  • 1912 - The Ship Inn and surrounding buildings where demolished for the construction of the new ANZ Bank building NOTE: Before 1810, barter was the primary form of transaction in NSW. The colony was not provided with an adequate quantity of English coins for these alone to suffice for the purchase of imports and internal transactions, and the Governors administered the use of coinage originating from various parts of the world.  (20PhBk)
  • 1920 - Union Bank,   64+66 (20+30PhBk)
  • 2013 - The Reserve Wine Bar, which closed down operations in 2019
  • CurrentlyThe Ship Inn, From the guys behind the Newcastle East eatery, The Falcon Bar & Restaurant, mates Mike & Brendan have been working tirelessly bringing The new Ship Inn to life..                                chk ok24
  • For further info on the ANZ Building
  • Further info on James Hannell

98-102 Hunter St68a Hunter St / Newcastle,  ANZ  Bank Building
  • 1888 - A. Dalby, Boot Warehouse, Great Northern Boot,  96 Hunter
  • 1903 - New Standard Radio, 1903-1950, Electrical Equipment, everything for the aquariums
  • 1905 - Taylor Bros, Hairdressers  (09PhBk)
  • 1912 - The Ship Inn and surrounding buildings where demolished for the construction of the new ANZ Bank building
  • 1914 -  ANZ  Bank Building, Scott and Green Architects / Inter-War Commercial Palazzo style. 
  • 1920 - Way's Ltd, Cafe 1920-1930 68 Hunter St
  • 1930 - Hunter The Stationers Ltd, Bookseller & Stationer 66a Hunter St
  • 1940 - Sargent's Milk Bar 1940-1950  (50PhBk)
  • 2013 - The Reserve Wine Bar
  • CurrentlyThe Ship Inn 

104 Hunter St70 Hunter St28 Hunter St  Newcastle,  ANZ  Bank Building
  • 1888 - J. J. Kittson, Drapery and Clothes,
  • 1895 - Myers & Co, Macinohes
  • 1905 - Beale & Co Ltd, 1905-1932, Piano Wholesalers 28 Hunter St  70 Hunter St  28 Hunter St  (09+20+30PhBk)
  • 1912 - Buildings where demolished  for the construction of the new ANZ Bank building
  • 1920 - R.H. Hunter, Jeweler
  • 1930 - The Bargain Arcade, No2, fancy goods etc
  • 1935 - San Toy Cafe
  • 1950 - M. Chiplin, Cake Shop  (50PhBk)
  • CurrentlyThe Ship Inn 

106 Hunter St 70a Hunter St 30 Hunter St,  Newcastle,  ANZ  Bank Building
  • 1905 - Singer Manuf & Co (Richard Allnutt Mgr)
  • 1909 - William Whitby, Tea Rooms  30 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1912 - The buildings where demolished  for the construction of the new ANZ Bank building
  • 1940 Chic Salon, Lingerie 1940-1960    (50PhBk)
  • CurrentlyThe Ship Inn (4th Aug 2020}
108 Hunter St / 32 Hunter St /  72 Hunter St (1932) Newcastle,   Colonial Mutual Life Building
  • 1886 - J Martin, Tailor
  • 1900 - Phillips, The record tailor  32 Hunter St
  • 1901 - Barnett Phillips, merchant tailors, The Record Tailor in Newcastle."We beg to inform  the public of Newcastle and districts that we have secured the services of Mr R Rundle (Late of Messs Peapes & Co Ltd Sydney) as Head Cutter. The wide experiance and thorough practical knowlodge possessed by Mr Rundle, will placed at the disposal of our clients and in future the whole of the cutting department, as well as the building of our garments will be placed in his entire charge and under his personal supervision". Remembering the fact that Mr Rundle is a past Master in his profession, we can with absolute confidence like you to place ANY Order you may wish to execute with us, and guarantee it will bear the 'Hall Mark'of Fashion.     32 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1910 - W. Morris & Co, 1910-1920, Clothier & Mercer  72 Hunter St  (20PhBk)
  • 1930 - H.C. Lockwood, Hardware    72 (30PhBk)
  • 1932 - Lazers, Hardware
  • 1935 - M. Chiplin, Cafe
  • 1937 - Colonial Mutual Life Building was erected, Hennessey and Hennessey Architects / Inter-war Art Deco style. A unique example of an Art Deco skyscraper in Newcastle
  • 1949 - G.S.Bilbie, Upper Floor, Solicitor
  • 2008 - Groceries
  • 2015 - For Lease
  • 2008 - Current - Porky's Nest, Homewares and coffee
  • For further information regarding the Rundle Family, Click Here
    property Owner: WESTLINE

110 Hunter St / 32a Hunter St / 72a Hunter St, Newcastle, , East End,   Colonial Mutual Life Building
  • 1886 - H. Asser, Stationer
  • 1910 - Irvine Ltd, Tailors
  • 1918 - Robert Ingall and Sons, 1918-1923, working mans trousers, Gabaerdino Overcoat, suitable for rain or chilly weather
  • 1932 - A. Hall & Co Ltd, Radio Dealers 
  • 1950 - Radio 2KO, Click for more info 1950-1980, Upper 6th Floor,  (72 Hunter St)
  • 1940 - Browns Manchester Store's Pty Ltd, 1940-1950, Drapers    (50PhBk)
  • Currently The CML Building, a Multi Story building with Various Tenants.

11Hunter St / 32b Hunter St / 74 Hunter St (1920)  Newcastle,  East End,  Colonial Mutual Life Building
  • 1916 - Glbb and Beeman, Ltd, 1916-1935, Opticians, expert Sight Testing and Spectacles, five shillings. Satisfaction guaranteed, or money refunded. Gibb and Beeman''  74 Hunter St  (20+30PhBk)
  • 1930 - Keswick Book Depot, 74 Hunter St   
  • 1930 - Newcastle Bag Store, 74 Hunter St   (30PhBk)
  • 1930 - Gresham Studio's  (30PhBk)
  • 1930 - A.L. Barnes, Plan Printer  74 (30PhBk)
  • 1935 - Tom Jack & Sons, Fruiterers  74 Hunter St
  • 2010 - Current - Sallini's Barber.

Centennial Hotel  (Photo Google) 2019

114 Hunter St / 34 Hunter St / 76 Hunter St,  Newcastle, East End, Centennial Building  (1909 = #34, 1920 =# 76,)
  • 1888 - The Centennial Hotel Lena Campbell, Hugh Cameron's daughter,from the Star Hotel ran the Centennial Hotel - which was one of the largest hotels in the southern hemisphere - she owned it for a period of time, kept the freehold title but she leased the hotel to Tooth & Co. Just before her father died she purchased the whole thing outright." (SV Brain), 1888-1935,  The bar of this hotel extended from Scott St to Hunter St. From what has been said through a friend of Terry Brain, it was the longest bar in Australia. Built Jan 26, Henderson / Victorian Italianate style. Extends into Scott St .Intended by its owner, Walter Sidney, to bring a new standard of hotel to Newcastle. Featured 60 rooms, 4 bars, and largest dining room north of Sydney.    76 Hunter St (09+20+30+40+50PhBk)        
  • 1898 - The Niagara Cafe. Angelo Bourtzos, after he left Vlahokerasia, Greece bound for the USA around 1898 and before the turn of the century. He traveled from the USA to Australia, eventually settling in Newcastle and opening the Niagara Cafe.  In 1898, It was located next to the CML Building and on the North side of the street and virtually opposite The Brazil Cafe.
  • 1912The Niagara Cafe was taken over by Brothers Michael and Theo Karanges (who was Bourtzos godson) Theo stayed on to take over the business when Bourtzos died, while Michael Peter Karanges opened up his own Niagara Cafe a few miles away in the Newcastle suburb of Hamilton... Around 1920 George Peter Kostakes and Michael Karanges became partners. By 1926 they had incorporated with George Peter Kostakes and Mr. P.Karanges as First directors... Con and Nick Karanges arrived from Vlahokerasia, Greece around November 1936 and worked for their Uncle Michael Karanges. It was here at the Niagara that Nick met his wife to be Olive May Watts.. Con and Nick Karanges worked, saved and bought their own cafe's, In 1942Con bought The Embassy Cafe at 303 Hunter Street, whilst Nick Karanges bought the Central Cafe at  Belford St Broadmeadow opposite the Century Theatre. In 1951 George Peter Kostakes, Passed away. He died in the Royal Newcastle Hospital yesterday, aged 60. He lived at 13 Anzac Parade Newcastle which later became the Nick Gerakiteys household.    112 .(39PhBk)
  • 1935 - The Niagara Cafe. For Fried Fish, Meals, etc. Follow the Lead, Come to the Niagara Cafe for an Excellent Supper or Hot Malted Milk. G. Psaltis.
  • 1940 - The Niagara cafe owned its own cake and sweets factory in Bull-street, Cook's Hill, which was sold in 1952.
  • Nick Karanges went to  the Central Cafe Broadmeadow. Con worked at the Embassy till he retired in 1976. Around 1938 George Velissaris arrived from Greece and began working for his uncle Michael Karanges at the Niagara. Around 1946 George Velissaris bought out his brother Michael and ran the business himself. Around 1954 brothers George and Nick Velissaris bought the Station Cafe in Campsie Sydney and moved there with the family. In 1940, Steve Gounis arrived from Greece to work in the Niagara Cafe. John Scoufis, from the same village, also came to Australia to work in the Niagara but unlike the others he settled in Sydney. Scoufis bought and ran the Central Inn Cafe in Railway Square, Sydney in 1933   Phone 654.
  • 1960 -  Northern Spectacle & Optical Co Pty Ltd. Proprietor James Kingston. Retired in 1980
  • Currently - Fruit & Peel Coffee Shop.         ok34  
  • For more Information on The Centennial Hotel

Niagra Cafe (Photo 1920 via Helen Bertsos) with Mr Kostakis, Michael Karanges, Aleko Zeppos, Chris Giannacas

Ells Bookstore  1940's

116-118 Hunter St / 36-38 Hunter St / 78-80 Hunter St, Newcastle, 
  • 1828 - The Australian Inn Richard Binder had become a publican at the Australian Inn in Hunter Street, Newcastle by 1828. When he died in 1830 his widow Ann Binder took over running the Inn. On the publican's licence Ann Binder was granted in July 1830 it was stated that she had held a publican's license for two years. In 1831 Ann Binder married James Cox at Newcastle, she died in 1857
  • 1831 - James Pawsey who had been employed as landing waiter and postmaster at Newcastle, took over the Australian Inn in 1831/32
  • 1833 - Peter Joseph Fredericks was granted a license in 1833. When the vessel 'Ceylon' was wrecked at Newcastle on 17th February 1834, Peter Fredericks provided accommodation at the Inn for the survivors.
  • 1834 - Francis Beattie formerly of the Crooked Billet, held the license.
  • 1836 - Charles Hughes was publican. A charge against Hughes by Constable Rouse of supplying a prisoner of the Crown with liquor without a pass was dismissed by the Bench in February of that year.
  • 1844 - An advertisement mentioned Binder's allotment....Great sale of town property at Newcastle, In the Insolvent Estate of James Cox, by order of the Creditors..... allotments of land at Newcastle adjoining the land of T.W. Winder Esq., and generally known as Binder's allotment; it is situated close to the harbour, and, in the event of Newcastle becoming a free port will be immensely valuable. There is a house on the land which is at present rented at £24 per annum. This was the same allotment or close to, that the Steam Packet Inn was situated on.
  • 1886 - Thomas B. Blackall & Hunt, 1886-1909, Chemist & Dentist   (09PhBk)
  • 1920 - Palings Rooms, 1920-1945, Pianoforte, player pianos, organ & Music Warehouse. Also Upper Floor, Edward Tyrrell, Teacher and other Various music teachers, technicians. 78-80 Hunter St  (20+30PhBk)
  • 1930 - A Pure Fruit Drinks Store
  • 1946Ells Bookstore , Max Ell was the owner, Arthur Warner was the Manager, Well-known for its range of books, toys and stationery. (78 Hunter St)   (50PhBk)
  • 1995 - Hardware store     
  • 2010 - Gentleman's Outfitters... 
  • 2022 - Breakaway Surf Newcastle, celebrating... 15 years of the man himself, Jamie Lambert owning Breakaway Surf Newcastle!
  • 2010 - CurrentBreakaway Surf Newcastle

120 Hunter St / 40 Hunter St / 82 Hunter St, Newcastle, East End, The City Arcade
  • 1896 - George A. Campbell, Cycles, next door to Palings in 1896. Managed by H. Markham. George Campbell owned a tobacconist and barber shop across the road from the Cycle business   
  • 1905 - Abel & Co. Ltd, Wholesale Confectionery 40 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1916 - Ways, Ltd, The Victoria Cafe,1916-1920  Tel 531.   (20PhBk)
  • 1930 - Aeolian Co, Steinway, Steck, Strand and other famous brands, Weber, Duo-Art Pianola  82 Hunter St (30PhBk)
  • 1932 - Harringtons Ltd, Photo & Radio Supplies   82 Hunter St
  • 1932 - Tom Blackall, Dentist
  • 1939 - The City Arcade, L-shaped, with a spring-fed swimming baths below floor level. Tenders for construction of the arcade, the first of its kind in the city, were called in April 1938. Forecast to become "a promenade and spending market for many shoppers of the city and district", the new arcade featured 17 shops and 7 small kiosks. On the ground floor were a butcher, optician, baby wear shop, lingerie, smallgoods, costumiere, mercer, art shop, florist, stamp dealer, milliner, stocking service, tobacconist and shoe repair depot.Two flights of stairs led to the first floor, which was occupied by a ladies' hairdresser, photographer and other craftsmen, and a record-making studio.
  • 1947 - Dorothea Salon, Dressmaker  (50PhBk)
  • 1947 - Barnets Tobacco
  • Currently - The City Arcade, Barnets Tobacco and other tenants

122-132 Hunter St / 42 Hunter St / 84 Hunter St Newcastle, East End,  Multi story building
  • 1886 - D. Smith, Boot Shop
  • 1889 - Thomas Blackall & Hunt,1889-1930, Chemist  84 Hunter St (30PhBk)
  • 1890 - Commercial developments of the Newcastle Borough Council. Victorian Free Classical style. Originally had a two storey veranda.
  • 1892 - W H Paling and Co. Pianos Organs and Music, Later moved to larger premises at 176 Hunter St  42 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1909 - Edwin M. King, Musician
  • 1920 - Thomas Blackall & Son, Chemist,  Blackall & Sons. (W. Blackall was the father, Tom Blackall the son. Blackalls Park is named after Tom) also Blackall & Son Dentist  84-86 Hunter St    (20+30PhBk)
  • 1920 - Franc Pearce, Jeweller & Optician
  • 1930 - Harrigtons Ltd, Photo and Radio Supplies, 84-86 Hunter St  (30+39+40PhBk)
  • 1932 - A.H. Gilliman, Fruiterer (2 shops)
  • 1935 - Cash & Carry Drapery Store   84 Hunter St
  • 1940 - Patton's & Baldwins, Knitting Yarn Mfrs
  • 1950 - Upcroft Bros, Agent House and Land
  • 1950 Christian Science Reading Room.
  • 1950 - Hustlers 1950-1970, General Drapers   84-96 Hunter St (50PhBk)
  • 2010 - Hunter Hearing / Bloom Hearing Specialists
  • 2020 - Current - Mr Baker
William Henry Paling (1825-1895), musician, merchant and philanthropist, was born on 1 September 1825 at Woerden, Netherlands, son of John Paling, pianoforte manufacturer. He was trained in music under Berthold Tours, a leading violin pedagogue, who favoured Paling as a pupil and made possible his appointment as violin teacher at the Academy in Rotterdam. In later advertisements he described himself as 'first violinist of the Royal Holland Academy' and as director of an academy of music in that country. He sailed for Sydney and arrived in 1853.
Paling attracted quick recognition as a music teacher and entrepreneur. He offered private tuition in both violin and piano, and was also a 'professor of music' at Springfield College, a ladies' boarding school founded at Darlinghurst by Lady Murray.
From the same period dates the first W. H. Paling music warehouse at 83 Wynyard Square, 'an unpretentious place, built of timber and galvanized iron, and surrounded by an uneven wooden fence'. As composer he issued his 'Sydney Railway Waltz' to commemorate the inauguration of the Sydney to Parramatta railway on 26 September 1855. Later that year he appeared in concerts as soloist in the Beriot concerto and in association with Edouard Boulanger, Flora Harris, Sara Flower and the Sydney Philharmonic Society; the most favoured venue was the concert room of the Royal Hotel. In November Paling announced the opening of a 'New South Wales Academy of Music arranged on a continental system'. It was established at 5 Bligh Street although the notices were issued from Paling's residence at 66 Macquarie Street. He also inaugurated a Quartette and Glee Club for Gentlemen Amateurs, and a society, Erudito Musica, which first met in January 1856. In that year he assumed exclusive direction of the Academy of Music, took charge of piano classes at the School of Arts, appeared as organist with the Sydney Choral Society and conducted a Philharmonic Society concert.
The favourable economy of the golden years generated demand for imported European pianofortes and local topical sheet music. Paling obtained an agency from European pianoforte manufacturers and his commercial enterprises rapidly brought him affluence and influence.

124 Hunter St / 44 Hunter St / 86 Hunter St Newcastle, East End
  • 1905 - The Co-op Coupon Co Ltd, 1905-1920,    44 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1920 - Thomas Blackall & Son, Dentist,  Blackall & Sons. (W. Blackall was the father, Tom Blackall the son. Blackalls Park is named after Tom). (20PhBk)
  • 1932 - A.H. Gilliman, Fruiterer (2 shops)
  • 1930 - Harrigtons Ltd, Photo and Radio Supplies, 84-86 Hunter St  (30+39+40PhBk)
  • 1935 - Cash & Carry Drapery Store   86 Hunter St
  • 1940 Kodak (40PhBk)
  • 1940 - Stewart Chemist, R.H.Stewart, 1940-1950, Chemist 
  • 1950 - Hustlers 1950-1970, General Drapers   84-96 Hunter St (50PhBk)
  • Note - Multi story building with various tenants
  • 2015 - Current - My Baker, has the best pies in Newcastle currently, hands down
  • Property Owner: G S HILL 2300

Hustlers with CML building in the background
(Photo Percy Sternbeck) 1986

126 Hunter St / 
46 Hunter St / 88 Hunter St Newcastle, East End
  • 1905 - Alaska Diamond Co, Jewelers    46 Hunter St
  • 1920 - Co-op Coupons Co Ld 88 Hunter St   (20PhBk)
  • 1930 - Myers Ltd, Shoe Store
  • 1930 - Ranson's Clergy Wear
  • 1930 - Home Recreations Aust Ltd, Phonographs & Bird Tables   88 (30PhBk)
  • 1935 - Cash & Carry Drapery Store   84 Hunter St
  • 1950 - Hustlers 1950-1970, General Drapers 84-96 Hunter St (50PhBk)
  • 2015 - Current - The Wren

Hustlers 1950-1970, General Drapers (Photo via Newcastle on Hunter)

128 Hunter St / 48 Hunter St / 90 Hunter St Newcastle, East End
  • 1905 - Sorby & Co , Ironmongers
  • 1909 - Macrow & Sons Pty Ltd, Jewellers  46-48 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1920 - Newcastle Nursery Co. 90 Hunter St   (20PhBk)
  • 1920 - Walter Neve, Furniture Manufacturer & Undertaker  
  • 1930 - Bernard's, Picture framers & photographers
  • 1930 - Bargain Arcade Ltd, Fancy Goods, 3 shopsMacrow & Sons Pty Ltd, Jewellers  48 Hunter St,  90-94 Hunter St (30PhBk)
  • 1935 - Cash & Carry Drapery Store   90 Hunter St
  • 1940 Breckenridge's Blue Room Cafe
  • 1950 - Breckenridge, Draper
  • 1950 - Hustlers 1950-1970, General Drapers 84-96 Hunter St (50PhBk)
  • 2010 - Budget Eyewhear
  • 2017 - Opsm

Intersection of Hunter street and Newcomen street c1970

130 Hunter St / 50 Hunter St / 92 Hunter St, Newcastle, East End
  • 1862 - Thomas Buxton,  Adjoining the Inn was the residence of Thomas Buxton, and at the rear of those properties was a spring known as the Water Reserve. It was from this spring that the residents of early Newcastle secured their water supply.
  • 1905 - Sorby & Co , Ironmongers
  • 1909 - James A. LeslieTailor   50 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1914 - Tom Ingall & Son, Tailors 92 Hunter St   (20PhBk)
  • 1921 - Elliot's Pty Ltd, 1921-1950, High Class Tailors and Mens complete outfitters, Mercer. also at 537 Hunter St
  • 1930 - Bargain Arcade Ltd, Fancy Goods, 3 shops   90-94 (30PhBk)
  • 1935 - Cash & Carry Drapery Store   94 Hunter St
  • 1940 - Hunter & Son Shoes Pty Ltd, Shoe store 
  • 1948 - Pallings, 1948-1953,  for Piano's and Washing Machines, Refrigerators electric models..
  • 1950 - Hustlers 1950-1970, General Drapers  84-96 Hunter St (50PhBk)
  • 2010 - Cash Store
  • 2017 - Vodafone Store
  • 2018 - Current - Jewels On Hunter

The Steam Packet Inn, Cnr Hunter & NewcomenSt, With Newcomen St, on the left, sloping towards the harbour, 1860

132 Cnr Hunter St / 52 Hunter St / 94 Hunter St, Newcastle, East End, (1909 = 52 Hunter St,1932 = 94 Hunter St)
  • 1857- The First Steam Packet Inn  was situated in Scott street, Newcastle, opposite the Steam Wharf, and nearly opposite the Railway Terminus and on the opposite side of the present Great Northern Hotel. There were a few dilapidated buildings. A hotel was erected there afterwards, and was called The Steam Packet Hotel. It was conducted by a man named Harry Williams. It caught fire..... Later he built a hotel at the corner of Hunter and Newcomen streets, and that was also called the Steam Packet. The fire mentioned above occurred in July 1862 and Henry William's young daughter was killed.
  • 1858 - Another disastrous 'fire' in Newcastle on Wednesday 16 July 1862. About 8 o'clock last night, the terrible cry of 'fire !' was heard. On proceeding to the spot we found that the alarm was but too true, and the flames were bursting out from the roof of the 'Steam Packet Hotel', in Scott- street. Reminiscences of George Priest, the oldest native of Newcastle in 1923. 'When I was a lad,' Mr. Priest said, One of the hotels was the Steam Packet, kept by Harry Williams. It was on the east side of where the Great Northern Hotel now stands. A fire destroyed the hotel and a child of Williams's was burned to death. Williams opened a second Steam Packet hotel at the corner of Hunter and Newcomen streets. It also was destroyed by fire in 1881.
  • 1862 - By September of this same year the Hotel was re built on the Eastern corner of Hunter and Newcomen Streets, Newcastle. This was close to The Australian Inn. Adjoining The Steam Packet Inn was the residence of Thomas Buxton, and at the rear of those properties was a spring known as the Water Reserve. It was from this spring that the residents of early Newcastle secured their water supply.  in 1881 the Stem Packet Inn was saved from another fire. 
    Carts and barrels went in from Hunter Street by a narrow lane at the side of Buxton's property and when barrels were filled, continued along the lane and came out in Newcomen Street at the rear of the Steam Packet..Many years later the Newcastle City Council erected The Corporation Baths on the site of the spring. This also became the site of the Fire Station in Newcomen Street
  • By contributor Maree Eggleston, Fed by the stream that ran under Bolton St from the top of the Hill,  we knew about the stream, we could hear it running when we worked late nights at the Herald before the presses wound up.It was always the sound of trickling water, and it ran directly under Bolton St, probably still does. We climbed down there once in the early 1970s, just because we could in the old building. My father was a printer and told us how.
  • 1872 - The Steam Packet Inn Hotel to Let, Lease, goodwill, furniture and impovements was listed for sale 20th June 1872.
  • 1881 - Fire of 1881, The Steam Packet Hotel, Mr. Moore's drapery and outfitting store, a hairdresser's shop, and other wooden builings were burning freely,
  • 1891 - Mercantile Bank of Sydney (George Leishman)
  • 1905 - Sorby & Co , Ironmongers, Forks Rakes, Shovels Wire Netting, Watering Pots Garden Hose
  • 1914 - Commonwealth Bank, 1914-1929, Hunter street before they relocated across the road to Newcomen street, next door to the Rawson 96 Hunter St  (20PhBk)
  • 1930 - Miss Duncan, Milliner  94a (30PhBk)
  • 1930 - Paynes Hustlers, Drapery
  • 1935 - G. McLeod, Smallgoods         96 Hunter St
  • 1950 - Hustlers 1950-1970, General Drapers  84-96 Hunter St (50PhBk)
  • 2010 - Noodle Box
  • 2018 - Current- Jeremiah Jones, Fish n Chips Boutique.

style="width: 940px; height: 690px;" alt="" src="../hunter/images/132HunterStBank.jpg">
Hunter & Newcomen St looking down Newcomen, The Crystal Palace Hotel is to the left, Mercantile Bank of Sydney / The Steam Packet Inn on Right
with the 'Newcastle Swimming Club', just past the fire station down the street (Photo R. Snowball) 1891

Hunter & Newcomen St, Commomwealth Bank of Australia 1914, on the old site of the Stram Packet Hotel

North Side of Hunter Street (Wellington St) 
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134-142 Cnr Hunter & Newcomen / 54-58 Hunter / 96-98 Hunter St, The Rawson Hotel 1920, & CBA next door

134-136 Cnr Hunter St / 54 Hunter St / 96-98 Hunter St Newcastle
  • 1850 - Thomas Buxton, Land owner
  • 1868The Crystal Palace Hotel 1868-1910, The Crystal Palace Hotel opened on the 13th May 1868.  It was said to be a very elegantly finished hotel and Mr James Anderson spent upwards of 700 pounds fitting it out. The architect was George Henry Cox.  
  • 1877 - Fire broke out at the shop next door, Mrs Prevost, which affected the roof of the Crystal Palace
  • 1888 - Thomas Buxton, Advertised Auction, City freehold property, The Crystal Palace Hotel and 3 shops, In the centre of the City, Edwards & Tighe have received instruction from the administrator in the estate of the late Thomas Buxton, to sell by Auction on Monday 23rd January 1888 at 12 oclock At the Great Norther Hotel. Having frontage to Hunter St and realisng the sum of 726 Pounds per Annum..Mr Joseph Wood purchased the Crystal Palace Hotel and two shops in Hunter Street,  in Jan 1888 for 12,000 pounds.  The hotel underwent renovations, architect being James Henderson and it was reopened in July 1888.  George Lindsay was the licencee at that time. other licenses were The other licencee's were: 1868 to 1878 - James Anderson, 1879 - Elizabeth Nield, 1880-1882 - Edgar William Ashby, 1883 - George Galley, 1884 to 1891 - George Lindsay, 1892 to 1900 - Albert Beaumont, 1901 to 1903 - Walter Ingall, 1904 - Fanny Ingall, 1905 to 1906 - George Lindsay, 1907 - George P Adkins, 1908 to 1910 - James P Bonnar...  In August 1910 James P Bonnar was granted permission to change the name from the Crystal Palace Hotel to the Hotel Rawson, he was also given permission to erect new premises. (09PhBk)
  • 1911The Rawson Hotel 1911-1964, (J.W.Wallace) The Hotel Rawson was built in 1911 on the corner of Hunter and Newcomen streets, it was demolished after its licence expired and sold to the Commomwealth Bank in 1964  The Rawson was sold in 1923 for 42,000 pounds. The licencee's for the Hotel Rawson were:1911 - Maggie Vanderveken, 1912 to 1914 - John Rowan, 1915 to 1918 - Dugald Thomson, 1919 to 1920 - Edith M Kerr, 1921 - John D Watkins      96-98 Hunter St  (20+30+50PhBk)
  • 1964 - The Rawson Hotel was sold to The Commonwealth Bank of Australia then demolished for the construction of the Commonwealth Bank building
  • 1964 - The construction of the Commonwealth Bank building, 1964-2010
  • 2010 - Current Discount Warehouse Chemist 

134-142 Hunter / 54-58 Hunter / 96-102 Hunter St, (Photo R. Snowball) 1891
L to R Robert Ingall, Porters, Harry Charleston Photography, George Emery Bodley, Oyster Saloon and The Crystal Palace Hotel

136a Hunter St / 98a Hunter St Newcastle, Part of Hotel
  • 1886 - Singer Sewing Machine Co, 1886-1920  98a Hunter (20PhBk)
  • 1930 - Howe's Shoes Pty Ltd. 1930-1940, Shoe store
  • 1940 - J. J. Kelly, Jewellers (shop part of the Hotel)
  • 1940 - Rex Asher, Fishing Tackle
  • 1949 - Sergeant's Milk Bar, situated on the western, ground floor of the Hotel Rawson (from our contributor Matthew Ward)
  • 1965 - Electrolux

Hunter St Mall around 1970 (Picture via Terry Davis)

138 Hunter St / 56 Hunter St / 102 Hunter St, Newcastle
  • 1850 - Thomas Buxton, owned the Land,
  • 1885 - Oyster Saloon. Efstratios Androulakis, leased the shop with Cretan partner Peter Soutiriou,  known as Lord Carrington, Oyster Saloon, Fish Oyster and Refreshment Rooms.Efstratios) arrived in Australia in 1877 from Crete  56 Hunter St ok checked
  • 1890 - Efstratios Androulakis sold the bnusiness to Efstratios Mavrokefalos (Stathy Black) from Ithaca.
  • 1903 - Efstratios Mavrokefalos sold the business to Macree & Co, Con Makris and Alex Paxinos
  • 1903 - Macree & Co, Con Macree (Makris) and Alex Paxinos, Oyster Saloon            56 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1911 - Hunter The Stationer Ltd, 1911-1932, Bookseller & Stationers    98-102 (30+50PhBk)
  • Hilliers
  • 1939 - New Standard Radio owned by Viv and Dell Saunders, David Scarr and Barry Lawrence bought New Standard Radio when Viv Saunders died in the late 70,s.They then took over when it was moved to the City Arcade and ran it until its closure after the Earthquake in 1989. New Standard Radio was one of my favorite stores with its various electrics. It virtually paved the way of my future into the Electrical Trades...  102 (39+50PhBk)
  • 1985 - Doug's Dely, 1985-1993,
  • 1964 - Commercial Banking Corporation
  • Currently Discount Warehouse Chemist

140-142 Hunter St / 58 Hunter St / 102a Hunter St, Newcastle
  • 1850 - Thomas Buxton, owned the Land
  • 1875 - Alderton's Building
  • 1876 - Mrs Prevost, watchmaker and Jeweler, As Advertised, The oldest Established Business in Newcastle, 1877 Fire broke out in Chimney, 1894 Looking for new larger premises after the 1885 fire broke out in the store caused by fireworks. 
  • 1880 - Lasker Bros,  Tailors1896 "At Lasker Brothers tailoring establishment on Christmas Eve a number of the firm's employees assembled for the purpose of presenting Mr. R. Rundle (who for the past four years his filled the position of cutter) with a light souvenir, on the occasion of his leaving for Sydney to assume an important paitior with Messrs. Peapes and Co.  Mr Rundle resigned from Lasker brothers and with his father, Richard Alan Rundle, headed towards Sydney where he was apprenticed to Messrs Peapes and Co as a journeyman coat maker, he also attended Sydney Technical College.
  • 1891George Emery Bodley, Children's toy shop, Newsagent, From Frank, the grandson of G. E. Bodley, George Emery Bodley was the son of George Bodley and Isabella Smith Bodley (who was a sister to William Arnott, the founder of Arnott's Biscuits) The family lived in Newcastle, and when quite young (aged only 22 years} George had a book and stationery shop (and Toy Shop as well) at 58 Hunter Street (near Newcomen street)
    It seems that he was not too successful, as there appears to be a lot of advertising in the Newcastle Morning Herald during 1891 but it then stopped 
    As advertised "Toys, Toys, Toys. for Children for Christmas. Toys for Christmas for Children. A splendid lot just opened. Remember, My Prices are as usual" The Cheapest in Town."
  • 1899 - Harry Charleston, Photographer, Later moved to oposite side of the street near Soul Pattinson, 58 Hunter St  Locked in
  • 1909 - Payizis & Macree, Fruiterers  58 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1920 - Way's Ltd, Cafe, 1920-1935       100-102 Hunter St  (20+30PhBk)
  • 1930 - Robert Ingall & Sons, Tailors & Mercers
  • 1970 - Rundles menswear
  • 2010 - Newsagent
  • Currently - Newsagent

144-146 Hunter St / 60 Hunter St / 104-106 Hunter St, Newcastle, Northern Emporium
  • 1880 - Robert Ingall & Sons, 1880-1900, Northern Emporium, Tailors & Mercers  60 Hunter St
  • 1908 - Rundle'smenswear
  • 1909 - J. Kingsborough & Co, Drapers  60 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1910 - David Boyd, Draper
  • 1920 - R.H. Hunter, Stationer & Jeweler   (20PhBk)
  • 1929 - Farr's Markets Ltd
  • 1930 - Bargain Arcade Ltd No 2, Fancy Goods  104-106 Hunter St  (30PhBk)
  • 1935 - Nicholson's music store
  • 1940Betta-Cakes, 1940-1950,  Cake store. (40+50PhBk)
  • 1950 - Coo-Ee Clothing Company, Boys clothing retail   (50PhBk)
  • 1952 - Rundles menswear, The company employed more than 500 people and was one of the largest employers of women in the Hunter region
  • Currently - Newcastle City Health Foods and Blue Kahunas Cocktail Bar
  • Further information regarding the Rundle Family

Rundles Hunter & Morgan Sts (Photo Uni)  c1960

148 Cnr Hunter & Morgan Sts / 62 Hunter St / 108 Hunter St,  Newcastle
  • 1880 - David Miller, Grocer   62 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1908 - Richard Thomas Rundle opened his tailoring shop calling it Rundles. Richard was an early innovator and was one of the first tailors to see the potential of sewing machines as a more cost effect method of tailoring, controversially moving away from hand sewing on the knee. For more than a century Rundles has been looking for ways to offer its customers exceptional value for money. Rundle's, the store for men & boys.Down the side street, Morgan street took you straight into the Rundles Factory
  • 1920 - Lane & Trewartha Ltd, 1920-1935, Grocers, The best for the least  108 Hunter St  (20+30PhBk)
  • 1930 - Mrs E. Winn, Cotume Maker
  • 1937 - Howe's Shoes
  • 1940 Goldsmith Pty Ltd 1940-1950 Boot and Shoe retailers.
  • 1940 - R, W. Upfold, Electrician
  • 1950Reid's Commercial Services. Business Consultants. Miss J. McGeachie, Dressmaker (50PhBk)
  • 1950 - J.R.Trahan, Agents Manufacturing
  • 1950 - Retail Traders Association of NSW
  • 1950 - H.H. Benjamin, Clothier  (50PhBk)
  • 1952 - Rundles Pty Limited, under second-generation tailors Nelson Rundle and Lindsay Rundle, Rundles began its expansion by wholesaling quality suits and blazers nationally while maintaining a retail presence in Newcastle. In 1952 it became a public company, Rundles Pty Limited.
  • 1973 - Rundles, under the guidance of Lindsay Rundle and now third generation tailor, Peter Rundle. The business established itself as one of Australias largest suiting manufacturers. The company employed more than 500 people and was one of the largest employers of women in the Hunter region.
  • 1996 - Rundles closed down its top of town City operation, moved to Hunter St West
  • 2015 - Charge
  • 2010 - Runnaway clothing store
  • 2018 - Currently - Ka-fey cafe, Down to earth cafe
  • For further information regarding the Rundle Family, Click Here
North Side of Hunter Street (Wellington St)
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Morgan to Market St Block.... for South side of the Street click here
152 Cnr Hunter St / 64 Hunter St / 110 Hunter St, Newcastle
  • 1896 - F. Pearce, watch and cronometer maker, goldsmith and optician  120 Hunter St  (20PhBk)
  • 1899 - George Weiland, The Strand Cutchery.
  • 1899 - Carrington Clothing Store. 
  • 1900 - Lynch Brothers, Suits to Order, Mens Boys youth Clothing
  • 1905 - Robert Ingall, 1905-1920, Tailor  110 Hunter St  64-70 Hunter St  (09+20PhBk)
  • 1910 - Tattersall's Club, Louis Giles Sec Upper Floor               
  • 1930 - Paris Stores, Tailors & Mercers   110 (30PhBk)
  • 2018 - Jayes Travel
  • CurrentlyMake your Move

154 Hunter St / 66 Hunter St / 112 Hunter St  Newcastle
  • 1880 - J. McFarlane, Draper
  • 1905 - Edward G. Strike,
  • 1909 - Frank Witherspoon, Grocer  66 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1910 - Niagara American Cafe, 1910-1932,, Refreshment Rooms(A. Burgess)  112-114 (30PhBk)
  • 1932 - Nicholson & Co Ltd, Music Warehouse, Pianos, Gramophones,
  • 1950 - Harrey's Bag Store  (50PhBk)
  • 1952 - Darrell Lea, Chocolates, The confectionery company Darrell Lea was founded in Sydney by an English immigrant, Harry Lea, in 1927, and named after his youngest son. Harry’s foundation product was Bulgarian Rock, a type of hard nougat. The company remained in family hands until 2012 when it was put into receivership and sold. The new owners closed the famous stores and the products are now only available in supermarkets and independent retailers. 112
  • Currently - Optus

From Thorn St looking East  (Photo University of Newcastle) around 1930

156-158 Hunter St / 68 Hunter St / 114 Hunter St  Newcastle
  • 1850 - Market Place. (from old maps)
  • 1880 - J.  Woodcock, fruiterer
  • 1909 - Demetrus Kerangis, Oyster Saloon  68 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1930 - Hustlers,  Drapers 
  • 1932- The Niagara Ltd, Refreshment Rooms. (A. Burgess)   114 Hunter St (20PhBk)
  • 1940 - Woolworths Deptment Store 
  • 2015 - Newcastle Skate
  • 2017 - Optus
  • Currently - Mall Newsagency

The City Arms Hotel, 1900 later became incorporated with the Hunter Hotel after the Market Square development. (photo UNI)

156-162 Hunter St / 
68-70 Hunter St / 116-118 Hunter St  Newcastle

  • 1850 - Market Place. (from old maps)
  • 1870 - The City Arms Hotel was situated on the eastern corner of Market and Hunter Streets Newcastle. It was built on part of the Market Reserve. On May 15 1870 a licence for the City Arms Hotel was granted to Jospeh Walmsley who formerly held the licence for the Miner's Arms in Lake Macquarie Road Newcastle (later Darby Street). Eventually a verandah was added to the front of the building extending along Hunter Street and down Market Street. Joseph Walmsley held the licence until 1881 when Samuel Hall took over. The name was later changed from the City Arms Hotel to the Central Hotel.  Building by FB Menkens / Federation
  • 1903 The Central Hotel 1903-1957, (William J. Milgarte, Aubry Kemp) Federation Free style. Also operated as the Hunter Hotel.116-118 HunterSt  64-70 Hunter St (20+30+50PhBk)
  • 1910 - Tattersall's Club            
  • 1930 - Pure Fruit Drinks, (shop in Hotel building),  116 (30PhBk)
  • 1935 - Richcakes Ltd, Pastrycooks (shop in Hotel building)  116 Hunter St
  • 1935 - Newcastle Standard Laundry Limited (shop in Hotel building) Ring Hamilton 151 and the NSL car will call and pick up dry cleaning and deliver 116 Hunter 
  • 1936 - John Bull Gift Shop, self raising flour
  • 1946 - Hotentasty, Grill Bar Cafe
  • 1950 - The Masonic Club
  • 1950 - Chesterfield Furnishings   (50PhBk)
  • 1957 - The Hunter Hotel, the Publicans were Bobby Bugden after the Market Square redevelopment then Brian McDermott..
  • 1979 - NightClubs on the top floors, New York Tavern, Joker's Night Club, Gable's.
  • 1995 - Sanity records, cloed 2015
North Side of Hunter Street (Wellington St)
<<<  Crossing over Market St and continuing west along Hunter Street >>>>
Market to Thorn St Block
.... for South side click here

Municipal Market Building (Photo via Newcastle Herald1894) Spero Digi Color

164 Cnr Hunter St / 72 Hunter St / 122 Hunter St Newcastle,  Steggas Chambers, Municipal Buildings, 1884
  • 1850 - Market Place. (from old maps)
  • 1878 - Francis Pearce, 1878-1920+ The New Shop Optician, Watchmaker, eye test. F.Pearce, having adopted the cash system, is in a position to offer great inducements to purchase.  72 Hunter St  122 Hunter St Market Square  (09+20PhBk)
  • 1880 - Lancer's Books and Stationary 72 Hunter St and 122-124 Hunter St
  • 1880 - Barnell & Co,  Grocer
  • 1880 - Harry Stegga and Co. 1880-1935, Clothing Ltd, Tailors & Mercers, No two prices is the motto of the firm. 122-124 Hunter St (30PhBk)
  • 1884 - Fire in early February 1884 had destroyed several businesses on the corner of Market and Hunter Street
  • 1884 - The Municipal Market Building. The design for the Municipal Market Building was the result of a competition by the City Council after a fire in early February 1884 had destroyed several businesses on the corner of Market and Hunter Street. To rebuild, they announced the winner, which turned out to be the council's former clerk of works Peter Bennett. The wide and elegant balconies were demolished in 1929 and replaced by suspended awnings, which have also been subsequently removed in line with Council policy for Hunter Street.
  • 1894 - W H. Paling and Co. 1894-1970, Pianos Organs and Music,   
  • 1935 - Upcroft Bros, Upcroft & Murphy,1935-1947, Real Estate   120 Hunter St 

View to the harbour down Market St with H. Paling & Co on the left (Photo Ralph Snowball) 1891

Owned and controlled by  / 74 Hunter St / 124 Hunter St Newcastle,  Municipal Buildings, 1884
  • 1850 - Market Place. (from old maps)
  • 1880 - Harry Stegga and Co. 1880-1935, Clothing Ltd, Tailors & Mercers, No two prices is the motto of the firm. 122-124 Hunter St (09+20+30PhBk)
  • 1880 - Lancer's Books and Stationary 74 Hunter St and 122-124 Hunter St
  • 1880 - Rudolph Langer, Bookseller
  • 1891 - W H. Paling and Co.1891-1970, Pianos Organs and Music, The original Pallings site before they moved further west
  • 1986 - Linden's, & Top Shop
  • Currently - Lowes

Looking west along Hunter St L to R Woolworths. Coles, Palings at Market St
166 Hunter St / 74a Hunter St / 126-128 Hunter St Newcastle,  Municipal Buildings, 1884

170-172 Hunter St (destroyed by fire) before the Municipal Market Building was built (pre 1884)

168 Hunter St / 76 Hunter St / 128a Hunter St Newcastle,  Municipal Buildings, 1884

Municipal Market Building Hunter and Market Sts note overhead rail in background (Photo via Newcastle Herald) 1890

170-172 Cnr Hunter St / 78-80 Hunter St / 128b Hunter St  Newcastle
North Side of Hunter Street
<<<  Crossing over Knightly St and continuing west along Hunter Street >>>>
Thorn to Wolf St Block
.... for South side click here

176 Cnr Hunter St  Newcastle, Palings Music Store, 1950  (Spero Digi Color)

176 Cnr Hunter St / 82 Hunter St / 130 Hunter St, Newcastle, The Dangar building
The Dangar building is historically significant at the local level for its role in the developing inner city of Newcastle in the Inter war period, a time of much construction of multi-rise commercial building stock. The building has associations with the Dangar family who were a prominent family in the early colony, including surveyor Henry Dangar who laid out the modern streets of Newcastle in 1828. The original building was 3 storeys, with a fourth level added later. The building is an important element in the Newcastle mall and sits on an important inner city corner site.

Pumpkins on the corner Hiunter & Knightly Streets 1975

Knightly (Thorn) Street Newcastle, Lane behind  Hunter St & out to Market St
  • 1890 - Presbyterian Church,  Rev William Bain
  • 1947 - Beberfaulds Ltd, Furniture, 1947-1965, Thorn St  (50PhBk) 
  • Currently - Hunter Mall Chambers

178 Hunter St /.82-84 Hunter St  L to R School of Arts building, later Sound World, Lasker Bros, Tailors,
Presbyterian Church where present day RSL is located (Photo Ncle Herald, Spero Digicolor) 1876

178 Hunter St / 84 Hunter St 132 Hunter St,  Newcastle, House that Valuh built
Lasker Bros,  D. Lasker, In thanking the inhabitants of Newcastle andi district for their previous liberal support. begs to inform them that he has taken central premises  in Hunter Street, Market Square, opposite the pilot office; and is there carrying on his business as MEIRCHANT TAILOR, &c. Especially he assures those getlemen who have hitherto bestowed their favours on Sydney and Melbourne houses, that he has now facilities for EXECUTING ORDERS In Every Department of Tailoring, In a way that cannot fail to give satisfaction; wile the advantage may.be obtained of a personal inspection before the goods are supplied. D. LASKER hopes that superior fit and workmanship, combined with excellence of materials, promptitude, and modeiate charges, willfully entitle him to that share of public patronage which he hopes to receive in his new promises

L to R, Lasker Bros, Presbyterian Church where present day RSLis located, down the lane known as Knightly,Thornt Streets
then the Municipal Building,
Walter Neve, (Photo via Newcastle Herald) 1890

180 Cnr Hunter St / 
86 Hunter St / 134 Hunter St  Newcastle

182 Hunter St, Sound World Megastore in 1993

182 Hunter St / 88 Hunter St / 136 Hunter St, Newcastle, School of Arts Bldg

184 Hunter St / 88 Hunter St / 138 Hunter St,  Newcastle, School of Arts Bldg

School of Arts Building, Commercial Bank c1890's Photo Uni

186 Cnr Hunter St / 88a Hunter St / 140 Hunter St,  NewcastleSchool of Arts Bldg
This is the North Side of Hunter Street
<<<<<  CROSS STREET: Wolf St  >>>>>>
Wolf to Perkins St Block and continuing west along Hunter Street.... for South side click here

190-192 Cnr Hunter St / 90 Hunter St / 142-144 Hunter St   Newcastle,  Newcastle Permanent Building

194 Hunter St / 92 Hunter St / 146-148 Hunter St, Newcastle, Newcastle Permanent Building

148-152 Hunter St, 196  Hunter St, Goldsmihs

196 Hunter St / 
94-96 Hunter St / 146-150 Hunter St  Newcastle,  

198 Hunter St / 98 Hunter St / 152-160 Hunter St)  Newcastle, Later part of the Johns & Co Bldg

200 Hunter St / 100 Hunter St / 162 Hunter St  Newcastle, Silk House,  Old johns & Co Bldg

202-206 Hunter St / 102-104 Hunter St / 164 (162-168) Hunter St  Newcastle, Old johns & Co Bldg

Sound World 1986

208 Hunter St / 106 Hunter St / 166 Hunter St  Newcastle, Old johns & Co Bldg
Sound World Enterprises Pty Ltd, Records, cassette tapes and Compact Disks of recorded Music new store in Hunter St Mall, Later moved to larger premises at 182 Hunter St... Sound World Established during mid December 1974 and on line since 1995, Sound World became Newcastle's most successful independent record store business chain. Within several months of opening its first Sound World, it commenced a second retail store. By 1981, Sound World had acquired its third store, this time in one of Newcastle's largest retail complexes, Garden City Kotara, (now Westfield).
During the mid 80's and up into the 90's, Sound World expanded it's retail stores further into the Hunter valley by opening a store in the heart of the Maitland CBD. Sound World continued to expand with the opening of it's Mega Store in the heart of the Newcastle Central Business District.
Sound World was founded by Spero Davias, elehtrologos, electrical contractor, and an electronics technician. It's primary roll was as a record retail music store and secondly as an extension to Spero's existing electronic workshops who amongst other ventures, designed and built thermionic valve amplifiers and PA's for various venues and bands throughout Australia. Musos, still talk about the sweet rich sounds of the old valve type amplifier.

210 Hunter St / 108 Hunter St / 168 Hunter St  Newcastle, Old johns & Co Bldg

212 Hunter St / 110 Hunter St 168a Hunter St  Newcastle,  Bank Building Later part of the Johns & Co Bldg
214  Hunter St / 112 Hunter St / 168b Hunter St  Newcastle, Bank Building Later part of the Johns & Co Bldg

202 Hunter St looking East, 1930

200-220 Hunter St / 114 Hunter St / 168c Hunter St  Newcastle,  Bank Building Later part of the Johns & Co Bldg
This is the North Side of Hunter Street
End of 1909, 2 to 114 Hunter St numbering system..
<<<<<  CROSS STREET: Perkins St >>>>>>>>
(Rail side) of Hunter St, Wolf St to Perkins St block
and continuing west along Hunter Street  .... for South side click here

Crown St Tram Stop

280 Hunter St / 150 Hunter St Newcastle

282 Hunter St / 150a Hunter St Newcastle

336 Hunter St / Hunter St Newcastle  (Scott st extended) 

Former Tramway Substation (Photo Sharn Harrison)

342 Hunter St /
174 Hunter St Newcastle,
350 Hunter St / 174 Hunter St Newcastle,

Astor House 352 Hunter St about 1950

352-354 Hunter St / 176 Hunter St Newcastle,  Rabco House (Reg A Baker)
Rabco House
352 Hunter St opposite Burwood Street
356 Hunter St / 178 Hunter St Newcastle,

360-364 Hunter St, / 180-184 Hunter St Newcastle, 

366-372 Hunter St / 186-190 Hunter St  Newcastle
  • 1920 - Canberra Furniture Arcade, Adv, Everything to be sold, Building to be pulled down,  186-192 Hunter St
  • 1930 - Vacant Block  (30PhBk)
  • 1940 - Williams & Co, Furniture, Bedroom Suites: Polished 4-piece Double Bedroom Suites in Walnut or Maple Veneer Fronts, fitted dust proof drawers, cabriole legs, etc, for only  £44/17/6    190 Hunter St  (50PhBk)
  • 2008 - NIB Eye Care Centre Newcastle,

374 Hunter St 192 Hunter St  Newcastle, NIB Building Built 1921

376-378 Hunter St / 194-196 Hunter St, Newcastle,

380 Hunter St 202-206 Hunter StNewcastle, Evatt Chambers

382 Hunter St 208 Hunter StNewcastle, Evatt Chambers
  • 1930 - Australasian Scale Co  208 (30PhBk)
  • 1930 - W &T Avery Ltd, Scale Manufacturers   208 (30PhBk)
  • 2015 - Family Planning
  • Currently - Family Planning

382b Hunter St / 210 Hunter StNewcastle,

Evatt Chambers with the Duty Free shop (Photo via Newcastle on Hunter)

382c Hunter St / 212 Hunter StNewcastle, Evatt Chambers,   

382d Hunter St / 214-216 Hunter St, Newcastle,

384-398 Hunter St / 218 Hunter St, Newcastle,

400 Hunter St (Photo via Newcastle on Hunter)

400 Cnr 
Hunter St / 220-222 Hunter St, Newcastle, Multi Story GIO building with Various Tenants
This is the North Side of Hunter Street
<<< CROSS Street: Merewether St  >>>>
 Merewether St to Worth Place Block
& continuing west along Hunter Street.... for South side click here

414 Hunter St, Rural Bank 1951
414 Hunter St, State (Rural) Bank  (Photo Percy Sternbeck) 1986
414 Hunter St Newcastle, 

418 Hunter St, Newcastle,

418 Hunter st (Photo Percy Sternbeck) 1986
424-428 Hunter St, Newcastle, 

The Old Civic Railway Station with ex Lord Mayor Joy Cummings Statue in the forground (Photo Ncle Herald) 2020

1935 - The Old Civic Railway Station  (Curtin Rd)
built in 1935, The new station was located on the site of the previous Honeysuckle station which was built to access the river port of Newcastle and the growing agricultural centre of Maitland. (G&S Ray, Newcastle).
Civic Station
The Building of Civic Station 1935 (Photo via G&S Ray)

Ms Joy Cummings served as mayor between 1974 and 1984. She changed the operation of council to an inclusive and consensus model. She was passionate about the arts and heritage and was a strong supporter of the Aboriginal community.
Many of Newcastle's civic attractions like Blackbutt Reserve, City Hall, Civic Theatre, Newcastle Museum, Fort Scratchley and the harbour foreshore were developed and preserved for generations of Novocastrians because of her visionary efforts.

Civic Railway station (Photo Percy Sternbeck) 1986

430 Hunter Street, 
Newcastle, Civic Block, Civic Railway Station 

Civic Tram Stop

432-438 Hunter St, Newcastle,    MLC building multi story

440 Hunter St, Newcastle,  Civic House
444-448 Hunter St, Newcastle,  

Newcastle Permanent building society, Civic station to the right (Photo Percy Sternbeck) 1986

450-454 Hunter St, Newcastle, 

Hunter Travel Group, Brett, started working in the travel industry in 1984 with the original Jayes Travel Company, which at the time was owned by the Jenkins family. When they sold the business it was purchased by NBN and then it was sold onto Ansett,  'In 1999 Brett decided to leave and together with then business partner Helga Saxarra they set up their our own travel business which was based in Toronto. That was our first office and it’s still there today.
‘We started in Toronto with just two staff, today we employ around 150 people in 25 locations nationally.
‘We’re now considered to be one of the largest privately owned and managed travel agency groups in Australia with Helloworld Travel, Cruise Travel Centre, Travel by RACT, Great Events and Signature Journeys all operating under the Hunter Travel Group name, and our head office is right here on Newcastle’s Hunter St.’

456-460 Hunter St, Newcastle, RetireInverst Building

462 Hunter St, Newcastle,
  • 1930 - Railway Workshops
  • 1986 - L. J. Hooker Real Estate
  • 2010 - Sushi
  • Currently - The Press Bookhouse, The Press coffee shop, buy and sell books
  • Property Owner:P J LANGLEY

464-466 Hunter St, Newcastle, MBF House

468 Hunter St, Newcastle,

470 Hunter St, Newcastle,  Kayle House

472 Hunter St, Newcastle, 

Sid Cohen's - 474 Hunter St. - Gaye Windsor, Bob Cohen, and staff celebrating 80 years in Newcastle 1960's
474 Hunter St, Newcastle, 

474 to 500 Hunter St 2019

476-478 Hunter St, Newcastle, 

Citycorp (Photo Percy Sternbeck) 1986

480 Hunter St, Newcastle, Civic Central,

484 Hunter St, Newcastle, 

486 Hunter St / 66 Hunter St West, Newcastle, Hooker House
  • 1930 - Railway Workshops  (30PhBk)
  • 1986 - Hooker Homes Master Builder
  • 2008 - Raine & Horne, Real Easteate, 2008-2015
  • Currently - Vacant Shop to be developed
  • Property Owner:E A MONIE 2300

488 Hunter St / 68 Hunter St West Newcastle, Civic Court

FAI Building 490 Hunter St - Photo Rob Mac/Percy Sternbeck 1986

490-492 Hunter St  /
 182 Hunter St / 70 Hunter St West Newcastle,

494 Hunter St / 186 Hunter St / 72 Hunter St West Newcastle, ASWN House
  • 1910 - Mrs E. Gibson  72 (09PhBk)
  • 1920 - David M Ginges, Furniture Distributor   186 Hunter St
  • 1986 - Upcroft & Murphy
  • Currently
  • Property Owner:C V MANNIS & D J NICHOLSON & S F KREFT 2287

496 Hunter St / 74 Hunter St West Newcastle,
  • 1946 - Northumberland Building Society
  • 1950 - Dingles engineering
  • 2010 - Evangelia, Bridal Designer
  • 2019 - RSL Life Care
  • Currently - Yoga Life
  • Property Owner:M OLLERTON 2097

498-500 Hunter St / 76 Hunter St West Newcastle,
  • 1910 - Sing Wing, Laundry  76 (09PhBk)
  • 1971 - Mr Cloves, Chesters Menswear owned by Chester Woods, Managed by Philip Carnell  ??? address 
  • 1986 - Snap Instant Printing
  • Currently - Snap Printing

502 Hunter St / 194-196 Hunter St / 78 Hunter St West Newcastle,
  • 1910 - Wells Bros, Dentists  194-196 Hunter St  78 (09PhBk)
  • 1986 - HFC Financial Services
  • Currently - Apartment
  • Property Owner:J H LUCAS & M L PERKINS 2300

504 Hunter St / 200 Hunter St / 80 Hunter St West  Newcastle,
  • 1910 - Lingey Cunningham, Boot Maker   80  (09PhBk)
  • 1938 - Church & Youll, Solicitor
  • 1938 - Mercantile Mutual
  • 1938 - Northumberland Perm
  • 1970 - Honey Bunnies 1970
  • 1986 - Liquer Store
  • 2010 - Newcastle Adult Store
  • Currently - Vacant Shop
  • Property Owner:FASSIFERN COLLIERY PTY LTD 2300

506 Hunter St / 202 Hunter St / 82 Hunter St West Newcastle
  • 1910 - Fredrick Crowther, Blacksmith    82 (09PhBk)
  • 1920 - The Newcastle Removalists & Storers, general carriers  202 Hunter St
  • 1938 - Miller Signs
  • 1970 - Olivers Unicorn Restaurant, Oliver and Betty Boico, Guitar player was Vince Martinelli, Paintings by Giuseppe Risicato.
  • 1986 - Civic Chiropractic Centre
  • CurrentlyBackpackers
  • Proposed - To become a boarding house

508 Hunter St / 204 Hunter St / 84 Hunter St West Newcastle
  • 1910 - Thomas Hutton & Co Ld, Printers   84 Hunter St West  82-84 (09PhBk)
  • 1938 - Sally's Furniture Arcde
  • 1986 - Europ 1, Bicycles
  • 1986 - Level 1, Kim Chee House, Korean Restaurant
  • Currently - Apartment
  • Property Owner:M E WILLMOTT & I M WILLMOTT (Unit 1) 2871

510-512 Hunter St / 206-208 Hunter St / 86 Hunter St West  Newcastle  
  • 1910 - William Walker, Restaurant  86 Hunter St West,  208 Hunter St   86 (09PhBk)
  • 1920 - John Weir, Restaurant  208 Hunter St
  • 1938 - Mrs S. Banks, Dir
  • 1986 - Australian Fixed Trusts
  • Currently - Vacant Shop
  • Property Owner:T A CROSS

514 Hunter St  (Photo Percy Sternbeck) 1986

514 Hunter St / 90 Hunter St West  Newcastle
  • 1909 - Cooper & Co, Frank Cooper, Printer  90 (09PhBk)
  • 1938 - Vacant
  • 1986 - Raine & Horne, Real Eastate
  • Currently - Job Center
  • Property Owner: IVANEVCI PTY LIMITED 2303

516 Hunter St / 92 Hunter St West Newcastle
  • 1920 - Thomas Johns, Tailor   212  92 (09+30PhBk)
  • 1986 - Queensland Travel
  • 1986 - GRE Insurance
  • 2010 - Cocking & Starling, Real Estate
  • 2015 - Body Build
  • Currently - Cellarbrations Liquor Store
  • Property Owner:T J OWENS 2289

518 Hunter St Newcastle / 214 Hunter St / 92a Hunter St West Newcastle, 
  • 1986 - Scouts Campling Specialist
  • Currently - Thai Seaview Massage 
  • Property Owner: BOY SCOUTS ASSOC NSW BRANCH 2291

522-526 Hunter St 216 Hunter St / 94 Hunter St West Newcastle, 
  • 1910 - Charles Williams, Furniture   94 (09PhBk)
  • 1970 - ATO and Social security  526 Hunter St
  • Currently - Block of Apartments
  • Property Owner:M E WILLMOTT & I M WILLMOTT (Unit 1) 28

528-532 Hunter St / 218 Hunter St / 96 Hunter St West Newcastle
  • 1907 - Fire Station
  • 1910 - P.W. Russell & Co Ltd, Dairy & Agriculture Engineers   96 218 (09+30PhBk)
  • 1915 - Ulman Engineering, Frank L. Ulman, 1915-1935, Motor & General Engineer, Garage, later moved to Hamilton  218Hunter St
  • 1935 - W.H. Gurton, Tire Co Pty Ltd,  Motor Tyres & Service Station Ampol, New Service Station Opened by Mayor of Newcastle The Mayor (Ald. R. H. Christle) officially opened  the service station of the W. H. Gurton Tire Co. Ltd., at the corner of Hunter and Merewether Streets   (40PhBk)
  • Currently - Defence Force Recruiting
  • Property Owner:PORT STEPHENS COUNCIL 2324

534 Hunter St (Photo Percy Sternbeck) 1986

534 Hunter St / 
220 Hunter St / 98 Hunter St West  Newcastle
  • 1909 - Thomas D. Carpenter,  Restaurant  98 (09PhBk)
  • 1910 - Mrs A. Buxton, 1910-1920, Restaurant.
  • 1950 - Ampol
  • 1986 - Rabbit Photo Barn
  • Currently - Defence Force Recruiting
North Side of Hunter Street West
<<<< North Crossing over Worth Place and continuing west along Hunter Street >>>
Worth Pl to Steel St Block
.... for South side click here

 Worth Place  continued through to the Carrington Bridge

Light Rail Development, Worth Place near the Carrington Bridge (Photo Ncle Herald)

536 Hunter St / 228 Hunter St / 100 Hunter St West  Newcastle West,
  • 1909 - John Weir, Marine Dealer  100 (09PhBk)
  • 1938 - Paul Sim & Company, Agents Financial
  • Currently - Buildings all Demolished, now Part of the Light Rail Development
  • Property Owner:ENERGY AUSTRALIA 2300

538 Hunter St / 230 Hunter St / 102 Hunter St West  Newcastle West,
  • 1909 - William Morrison, bootmaker  102 Hunter St West  (09PhBk)

540-548 Hunter St / 232-234 Hunter St / 104 Hunter St West   Newcastle West,  
  • 1909 - Railway Workshops  104 (09PhBk)
  • 1920 - Railway institute site, In the first half of the 1880s the NSW Railway Commissioners had made promises to provide an institution for railway employees, large numbers of whom were too far away to take advantage of the nearest Mechanics Institute or School of Arts. Where the railway companies provided a Mechanics Institute for the improvement of their employees' education in the numerous towns which were associated with the railways or actually developed by them (50PhBk)   .
  • 1930 - Motor Vehicle Ltd, 1930-1944, Service Co. near the Carrington Bridge , Dodge and Hillman Distributors, See them at the show.  232 Hunter St, ok (30+40PhBk)
  • 1960 - N. J. Ure Real Estate, destroyed by fire
  • Currently - Buildings all Demolished, Now Part of the Light Rail Development 
  • Property Owner: SIDRAW PTY LTD 2

544-554 Hunter St / 234-244 Hunter St / 106 Hunter St West Newcastle West,
  • 1909 - Mortuary Station  106 (09PhBk)
  • 1930 - John McGrath, 1930-1940, Motor Dealer  234-244(30PhBk)
  • 1986 - Credit Union
  • CurrentlyBuildings all Demolished, Now Part of the Light Rail Development 
Carrington Bridge (09PhBk)
Carrington Bridge

556-558 Hunter St (Photo Percy Sternbeck) 1986

556-558 Hunter St / 246-248 Hunter St Newcastle West, Built 1907 
  • 1907 - Police Station, and lock-up. One of several Government buildings erected on the strip of land owned by the Commisioner of railway., Good example of small Edwardian Police station and lock-up,  246-248 Hunter St   (30PhBk)
  • Currently - Ex Police Station

560 Hunter St / 250 Hunter St  Newcastle West, Manchester Unity Building.
  • 1909 - George P. Lock, Insurance agent  (09PhBk)
  • 1920 - Augustus J. Larkin. 1920-1960, Dentist  250 Hunter St  (30+50PhBk)
  • 1920 - Thomass Buist, Piano Wholesaler
  • 1930 - Herbert White  (30PhBk)
  • 1930 - Mrs B. King   (30PhBk)
  • 2010 - Manchester Unity
  • Property Owner: P ROUSSOS & D W ROUSSOS 23000

564-566 Hunter St / 252-254 Hunter St Newcastle West, Citizans Chambers
  • 1909 - R.A. Harkins, Dentist  (09PhBk)
  • 1930 - Government Savings Bank of NSW, (Westpac), 1930-1986    252-254 Hunter St ok  (30PhBk)
  • 2010 - Novocare, Affordability support and educational resources tailored for you
  • 2017 - Lee Howes Glass, Leadlight - Stained glass -Cast Glass - Corporate Awards- Commissions
  • Currently - Lee Howes Glass,
  • Property Owner: POTORO PTY LIMITED 2061

568 Hunter St / 256 Hunter St Newcastle West
  • 1930 - J.S. Barr-David. Medical Practitioner
  • 1932 - Allan J. Way, Dentist     
  • 1930 - J.C. Speers, Dentist (30PhBk)    

570 Hunter St / 256a Hunter St Newcastle West
  • 2018 - 1 bedroom unit at 2/570 Hunter Street, Newcastle

572-574 Hunter St (Photo Percy Sternbeck) 1986
572 Hunter St / 258 Hunter St Newcastle West, 

Torre De Pizza previously Leonardo De Pizza (Percy Sternbeck) 1986
576-580 Hunter St / 260 Hunter St Newcastle West,

582 Hunter St / 262 Hunter St  Newcastle West,

584-588 Hunter St / 264 Hunter St Newcastle West

590-608 Hunter St / 266 Hunter St Newcastle West

Newcastle TAFE (Photo Percy Sternbeck) 1986
588-590 Hunter St / 268-278 Hunter St Newcastle West, 

590 Hunter St
Newcastle TAFE with Irland's next door on the left c1896

590-606 Hunter St / 268-274 Hunter St Newcastle West,

608 Hunter St / 274 Hunter St Newcastle West

Taylor Cycles / Tafe 1986 (Photo Percy Sternbeck) now replaced by Hunter New England Local Health
610 Hunter St / 276-282Hunter St Newcastle West,   
  • 1890 - J. Ireland, Produce imports
  • 1930 - Sneddon's Motors Ltd  276+282 (30PhBk)
  • 1939 - The Wright Auto's    
  • 1932 - Car Wreckers, Spare Parts 
  • 1936 - Star Carsales, Used Cars
  • 1936 - J, Smallcombe, Motor Painter
  • 1938 - Domestic Machinery Co Ltd, Cycle Depot
  • 1940 - V. G. Hodges furnishings shop, 1940-1975
  • 1950 - Central Motors 
  • 1980 - Taylor Cycles, lawn mowers chain saws
  • 1989 - Closed after the Earthquake
  • Currently - Newcastle TAFE, Newcastle Art School  (590-608)

612 Hunter St / 282 Hunter St Newcastle West, 

614 Hunter St /  284 Hunter St Newcastle West,