History of the Old Greek Cafe's of 
Old Newcastle cafe scene

Beach Fish Cafe
George Davias and Staff at The Beach Fish Cafe
39 Hunter Street Newcastle East, around 1949

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(updated 03/08/2019)
By Spero Davias

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Map of some of the cafe's in the inner city of Newcastle...
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Where can we start? ....
From memory and with the help of a few people, I have put together a story on the history of the Old Newcastle cafe scene..
As a descendant of the Old Newcastle Cafe Scene and having grown up in Newcastle East in particular Telford Street ... I think that we may as well kick off here......

<<<<<<< Starting at Telford and Hunter St's Corner and continuing west along Hunter St >>>>>>>
Starting at number 1 Hunter Street Telford to Pacific St Block

California Cafe (left) on the corner and others (now all demolished)

1 Corner Hunter & Telford Sts Newcastle East,

2 Corner Hunter & Telford Sts Newcastle East,  Originally The Wombah Flats built in 1920
  • 1910-1920 - Charles Treleven, Wateman
  • 1920 - Built as the Wombah Flats in Telford Street
  • 1930 - The Vienna Cafe. The building was built in 1920, it was over the road from the California and on the corner of Hunter and Telford Streets, The original Vienna Cafe was fitted out by businessman Kurt Picardi back in the early years.  I recall, around 1958, it was totally renovated by the new owner Demetrios (Jim) K. Kolivas who was also known by his stage name Valentino or Rudy. just after his return from a stint in Hollywood.
  • Note - The building was demolished around 1979, it is now part of Pacific Park.

    The Vienna Cafe.... ON A PERSONAL NOTE: I recall Demetrios had one of the first black n white, Television sets in the neighbourhood which he put in the back room of the his Vienna Cafe. As I was living just a few doors down the street in Hellenic Court, he invited me in to watch TV anytime. The TV intrigued me but not as much as  the TV antenna installation...  I was stunned at watching the TV Antenna installers putting up a 50 foot mast and  Antenna on the roof of the building.... Then for weeks i would sit outside the cafe and stare at the Antenna on the roof, thinking " how does all this work ?"  What makes this thing tick !!, How do those things appear on The screen through a couple of of bits of wire.... For those that know me, The rest is History

4 Hunter St Newcastle
  • 1929 - Vacant land and part of the Newcastle East Sand Hills 
  • 1929 - The Canberra Cafe, 1929 -1936, Fixtures and fittings were auctioned off at the Kosciusko Cafe venue
  • 1930-  The Shortland Cafe, 1930-1943 was sold in 1936, reopened as the Shortland Cafe
  • 1950 - The Morris Cafe.
  • Note - The building was demolished, it is now part of Pacific Park

  6 Hunter Street Newcastle East,
  • 1950 - The original Shipmates, the brainchild of the pioneer restaurateur Clem Ashford
  • 1940 - ML Frith, Confectioners
  • 1948 - MacNeill's, Milk Bar
  • Currently - The building was demolished in late 1979, to allow for the extended Pacific Park.
  • For more fascinating stories on Clem Ashford
  • The original Shipmates, was born in January 1950, A couple of shops down the road from The Vienna. It was the brainchild of the pioneer restaurateur Clem Ashford, a tattooed adventurer who returned from the South Seas in 1975 to shake up the local food scene. As well as having some of the best chips and hamburgers in Newcastle. Clem also opened up two other shops right across the road. They were Shipmates "Dairy Delight" a milkshake shop and Shipmates "Sugar & Spice a donuts and hamburger shop. Clem was a we bit ahead of his time. Even though Clem was not a Greek as such, he was a great operator.... Clem Ashford later also created Clams, a landmark seafood restaurant at Merewether.

The Kosciusko Cafe on the right (Photo Uni) 1970
15-17 Hunter St Newcastle, East End
  • 1919 - Vacant land and sand hills
  • 1920 - # 15 - I.M. Wilks
  • 1920 - # 17 - Mrs E.E. Edwards, Fruiterer
  • 1930 - # 17 - Mrs H. McGregor, Cafe
  • 1938 - The Beach Milk Bar
  • 1942 - The Kosciusko Cafe, proprietors were Basil Stavros (Stavrianopoulos) and John Rafty who were partners. The partnership was dissolved on the 31st Oct 1945, Basil Stavros stayed on as proprietor.John Rafty (Ioannis Raftopoulos) from 36 Corlette Street Cooks Hill arrived in Australia from Kioni, Ithaca, Greece in 1939. Later: The The Kosciusko Cafe was passed on to Basil's Son, Chris Stavros (Stavrianopoulos)
  • Note - Next door to the Kosciusko was Pacific Park which wound its way up to the old Royal Newcastle Hospital.
  • 1979 - The buildings where demolished to allow for the extended Pacific Park
  • Currently - Pacific Park

16 Hunter St Newcastle East,  
Note - Back in the 60's and 70's, This particular block of shops in Hunter St between Telford and Pacific Street, (now demolished) was the most popular part of Town,  A late Saturday night Hamburger was just the thing after a big night out !!

<<<<<<< Crossing over Pacific St and continuing west along Hunter Street >>>>>>
 Pacific to Watt St Block

The Moccadore Cafe, Vogue cafe, Beach Fish Cafe (photo Newcastle Library)

19 Hunter St  / 33 Hunter St  Newcastle,  East End, The Essington Apartments Building

  • 1930 - Refreshment Rooms, the proprietors were Sophianos Denes & Cutsuicles Denes, Originally from the Greek island of Ithaca. He was only 16 when he left home in a sailing ship bound for America. The ship called at Port of Newcastle, and Mr. Denes decided to stay. He owned the Moccado cafe at the corner of Hunter and Pacific Streets right up to the time of his death. This was one of many cafe's located on this block.
  • 1940 - The Moccadore Cafe owned in 1947 by Denes Koutsouvelis.
  • 1956 - All buildings were demolished for the construction of The New Nurses Home above and retail below
  • 2001 - The New Nurses Home was converted to the Essington Apartments, with retail & shops below
  • 2004 - The Bogie Hole Cafe, Aaron Buman
  • Currently - Moor Cafe and previously in 2014 it was The Bogie Hole Cafe.

23 Hunter St Newcastle East, 

27 Hunter St Newcastle, East End, The Essington Apartments Building
    • 1921 - The Oxford CafePhone B1980
    • 1947 - The Paragon Cafe purchased by brothers John Raftos & Nick Raftos, The Cafe was sold a few years later.  Notes :As advertised in 1947 .The New, Modern .Paragon Cafe. (50 yards from T. & G. Building,) We specialise in grills, salads, fish meals, and all kinds of toasted sandwiches.,
    • 1932 - Charker & Co, 1932-1938, Auctioneers
    • 1932 - Hart & Welford, Dressmakers
    • 1956 - All buildings were demolished for the construction of The New Nurses Home above and retail below
    • 2001 - The New Nurses Home was converted to the Essington Apartments, with retail & shops below

    29 Hunter Street Newcastle East,
    • 1940 - Reg Lazarus, Fruit Shop
    • 1930 - J. F. Leach, Cafe,
    • 1932 . C. Atmore, Cafe
    • 1956 - All buildings were demolished for the construction of The New Nurses Home above and retail below
    • 1960 - Dens Deli, Proprietor was Nick Politis, having been a deli when he bought it and he converted it to a sandwich bar         check year
    • 2001 - The New Nurses Home was converted to the Essington Apartments, with retail & shops below

    31 Hunter St Newcastle East, 
    • 1940 - Kia-ora Cafe
    • 1945 - Layfields Cafe
    • 1946 - Kad's Cafe,  FIRE IN CAFE  1947 Firemen forced their way into Knd's Cafe, in Hulonter-street, Newcastle when a refrigerator motor caught fire  at 5.30 a.m. yesterday.. They smothered the fire with cloths. Electric wiring on the motor was slightly damaged.
    • 2000 -  Essington Apartments, with shops below
    • NoteAll buildings were demolished to make way for The New Nurses Home

    Beach Fish Cafe
    The Beach Fish Cafe, with George Davias & Staff about 1949

    39 Hunter St Newcastle East

    41 Hunter St Newcastle East, 

    43 Hunter Street, The Grand City Oyster Saloon (photo: Snowball) 189

    143-47 Hunter St Newcastle, East End, T&G Building
    • 1890 - The Great City Oyster SaloonProprietor,  Zograf Hresto applied for a wine licence on the premises. It was finally granted.  
    • 1904 - The Cosmopolitan Cafe .as Advertised,  The Cosmopolitan Cafe will be opened on the 3rd September 1904 when a splendid Band will perform a choice selection of music. The whole of the day's takings will be given to the Newcastle Hospital, Zograf Hresto, Proprietor. James Cofteros, Manager. As advertised in 1904, Mr. Zograf Hresto desires to inform the public that he has made extensive alterations and improvements In the premises lately known as The Great City Oyster Saloon which has been considerably enlarged both upstairs and down, and altered into a Modern Cafe, with Spacious, Ladies Room and all conveyances under the name of the .Cosmopolitan Cafe. which was situated next door to Washington H. Soul's.  Tel 354 
    • Zograff Hresto passed away around 1905 and the premise auctioned.
    • 1905 - The Cosmopolitan Cafe was taken over by proprietors, Sophianos Denes & Cutsuicles Denes. :As advertised in the Herald 1905, .The Cosmopolitan Cafe41 Hunter-St, Newcastle.  Now Open under New Management..Sophianos Denes & Cutsuicles Denes having taken over the above well-known Cafe, hope to merit a fair share of patronage by providing FIRST-CLASS MEALS at MODERATE CHARGES, and catering generally,for the comfort of the public at large. fresh Fish and Oysters. Daily. Suppers Supplied. All the furnishings are elaborate and up to date. DENES and DENES, Proprietors.
    • 1922 - The Cosmopolitan Cafe was taken over by The Rafty Brothers
    • 1923 - The Existing building was demolished to make way for The construction of the New T&G Building for McIlwraith McEacharn Line Pty Ltd and named Scottish House. It was designed by Spain and Cosh and built by Stuart Brothers. The cost of the building and land amounted to approximately £100,000
    • 1930-1932 - 1st Floor, South British Insurance Co Ltd.
    • 1935 - Property purchased by the T & G Mutual Life Assurance Society for approximately £90,000, in what was then the biggest sale of any single freehold property in Newcastle.
    • 1932 - Upper Floors - Queensland Insurance Co. Ltd.
    • 1938 - Upper Floors - Farrs Markets Ltd,
    • 1940 - Clue Ribbon, Refreshment Rooms
    • 1950 - Upper Floors - Cromarty & Turner who were Accountants.
    • 1990 - Known as Hunter House
    • Currently- The T&G Building
    <<<<<<< Crossing over Watt / George St and continuing west along Hunter Street >>>>>>>>
    Watt to Bolton St block   Back to the top of page
    57 Cnr Hunter St / 07 Hunter St Newcastle East, AMP Chambers Building

    The Coffee Inn was located in the center where Sandy Chong is in the Photo

    61 Hunter St / 11 Hunter St Newcastle, East End

    • 1876 - The City Restaurant. 1890 as advertised .The Coolest Dining Rooms in the Northern District, are Fred Chambers.( late Mr. Lashmore ), opposite the Police Station, Hunter-street. Ladies.Dining upstairs, where you can dine in comfort.. 
    • 1909 - L. Davies, Pastry Cook  11 Hunter St
    • 1920 - Arthur Smalley, Bookseller
    • 1930 - P.C. Rudge & Co, Tailors
    • 1932 - C. V. Ell, Typewriter & Office Equipment
    • 1938-1950 - The Coffee Inn, Refreshment Rooms, The proprietor was Nicholas Scott & possibly Constandino Scott. Locatedt next to the Westminster Hotel and right opposite the old Newcastle Police Station and Post Office. .
    • 1970 - Hungry Johns Cafe owned by John Argiris who took over the old Coffee Inn and totaly refurbished the shop and reopened as Hungry Johns Cafe. John was one of Newcastle's finest chefs, John sold the business around 1988 to Nick Raftos then moved into a very busy take away food store on the 1st floor of Garden City Kotara (todays Westfield).
    • 1988 - Hungry Johns Cafe was sold to Nick Raftos, who moved the business into his own premises, The Westminster Hotel just 2 doors away.
    • Currently - Vacant Shop
    • Property Owner: J A MORGAN 2289

    67 Hunter St 17 Hunter St Newcastle EastWestminster Hotel building.
    • 1891 - The American Bar Cafe.  As advertised "Wanted good General SERVANT, must be able to cook. Apply Mrs. WoodLoo, American Bar, 67 Hunter-st"
    • Currently - AA Brothers - Computer Parts & Equipment in the old Westminster Hotel building.

    69-73 Cnr Hunter St / 21 Hunter St, Newcastle East, NCB Co of Sydney Building
    • 1894 - Peter Paxinos was Fruiterer, Restaurant & a refreshment room.
    • 1930-1940 - The Commonwealth Bank Of Australia 
    • 1940 - The Motor Traders Insurance Co
    • Currently - Commercial Banking Co of Sydney With various tenants
    <<<<<<<  Crossing over Bolton St and continuing west along Hunter Street >>>>>>>
    Bolton to Newcomen St Block via Scott Street

     81 Hunter St Newcastle             
    • 1930 Harcourts, Hatters
    • 1947 - Scott's Milk Bar and Fruit Shop. the Proprietor was Mr Nick Scott. 
    • 1954 - Fruit shop owned by George Lekatsas (Lucas) .
    • 1930 - Jos Kelly, Tailor
    • 1957 - The Brazil Coffee Lounge. John Raftos bought the fruit shop from George Lucas, see below.
    • Currently - Hunter 81 Boutique

      The Brazil Coffee Lounge. John Raftos bought the fruit shop from George Lucas and transformed it into The Brazil Coffee Lounge which was a small narrow shop but became very popular and upmarket so when the opportunity came with the closing of the pharmacy next door which had a shared frontage and was virtually one shop divided in two, John spread the shop over both stores and created one larger space. About 1970 or 71 after purchasing the building, John, renovated extensively upstairs and opened the Brazil 81 Restaurant with piano bar and dancing. It became very popular with special events, functions and celebrations. there were separate bar areas on the 1st floor. The ground floor was a Cafe, The Brazil Coffee Lounge. The building was sold in 1979 to a consortium from Sydney.

    85 Hunter St Newcastle,
    • 1940 - The Devonshire Coffee Loungewhich was also a cake shop.
    • Notes - As the Newcastle Herald reported... "We have turned away about four times ,as many people as we have served," said the Manageress of the Devonshire Coffee Lounge." I have never seen such a rush; there has been nothing left for hours. We have done a roaring trade in buttered scones and pikelets. We can't get enough to cope with the demand."
    • 1970 - The Devonshire Coffee Lounge was taken over by Nick Raftos who completely renovated the site and opened the gift store 'Dimity's Cards and Party Shop'
    • 1930 - W.F. Hutchinson, Dentist
    • 1930 - Maisonette, Hairdresser 
    • Currently - A Vacant Store

    89 Hunter St / 35 Hunter St Newcastle,
    • 1909 - The British Piano Depot, Walter Stent, Music Teacher, Miss Jean Garrett, Music Teacher, Miss Doris Napier-North, Music Teacher 35 Hunter St
    • 1920 - .Refreshment Rooms & Confectionary, George Paxinos
    • 1930 - C. Hyman, 1930-1950,  Watchmaker & Jeweler
    • 1955 - Prouds, Watchmaker & Jeweler
    • Currently - Vacant Store    

    Toni's Cafe (Photo by Matthew Ward)

    93 Hunter St / 39 Hunter St  Newcastle,

    The Treasury Cafe
    93a Hunter St / 41 Hunter St,  Newcastle,
    97 Hunter St / 45 Hunter St Newcastle East,  97-101 Hunter St,  Emporium Buildings
    • 1909 - Alfred D. Robinson, 1909-1920, Hairdresser 45 Hunter St
    • 1930 - Sam Barnett, Tobacco Merchant.
    • 1930 - Newcastle Standard Laundry Ltd
    • 1930 - 1st floor - G.S. Cole, Dentist
    • 1930 - 1st Floor - O.Sullivan, Tailor
    • 1970 - The Continental Cafe owned by John (Yianko) & Sia Rafty. The earlier proprietor was Demetre Carathanasis (Jim Carr) then later it was George Rafty
    • Currently - Flight Centre Newcastle
    • Property Owner: ITHACA INVESTMENTS PTY LTD 2300 

    100 Hunter St Newcastle, 
    • 1940Sargent's Newcastle Ltd, Restaurant

    101 Cnr Hunter St / 49 Hunter St Newcastle East,
    • 1876 - Galley's Family Hotel (George Galley)
    • 1909 - Lee & Co, Tailors Shop2   49 Hunter St
    • 1918-1950 - Coo Ee Clothing Company, Tailors, Boys clothing retail, shop2
    • 1920 - G.C. Henderson, Tailor
    • 1940 - R. Wilson, Fishmonger
    • 1942 - The Matara Gourmet BarIt was located on the east corner of Hunter & Newcomen St,  It was owned by John (Yianko) Rafty
    • 1960 - Shindig Village NightClub, owned by John (Yianko) Rafty, above the Matara Bar. It was operated by Phil & Jenny Clarke who also owned Pumpkins Boutique.
    • Palmers Menswear
    • Harrey.s Bag Store
    • Currently - Vacant Store ex Pizza Shop

    The Astoria Cafe with Jerry Kolivas

    The Astoria Cafe (photo Newcastle Library)
    103A Hunter Street Newcastle

    The Astoria Cafe

    107 Hunter St Newcastle, 

    109 Hunter St Newcastle, 
    112-114 Hunter St / 34 Hunter St / 76 Hunter St,  Newcastle, in 1920 it was #76
    • 1888 - The Centennial Hotel (SV Brain)   Built Jan 26 1888, The bar of this hotel extended from Scott St to Hunter St. From what I've heard through a friend of Terry Brain, it was the longest bar in Australia.
    • 1898 - The Niagara Cafe. After he left Vlahokerasia, Greece bound for the USA,  Angelo Bourtzos, around 1898 and before the turn of the century. he traveled from the USA to Australia, eventually settling in Newcastle and opening the Niagara Cafe in 1898. It was located further up town, on the North side of the street and virtually opposite The Brazil Cafe. It appears to have been located in the old The Centennial Hotel site, which was opened in 1888... In 1912 it was taken over by Brothers Michael and Theo Karanges (who was Bourtzos godson) Theo stayed on to take over the business when Bourtzos died, while Michael Peter Karanges opened up his own Niagara Cafe a few miles away in the Newcastle suburb of Hamilton... Around 1920 George Peter Kostakes and Michael Karanges became partners. By 1926 they had incorporated with George Peter Kostakes and Mr. P.Karanges as First directors... Con and Nick Karanges arrived from Vlahokerasia, Greece around November 1936 and worked for their Uncle Michael Karanges. It was here at the Niagara that Nick met his wife to be Olive May Watts.. Con and Nick Karanges worked, saved and bought their own cafe's, In 1942, Con bought The Embassy Cafe at 303 Hunter Street, whilst Nick Karanges bought the Central Cafe at 50 Belford St Broadmeadow opposite the Century Theatre. 
    • 1935 - The Niagara Cafe was advertising "The best place to eat and drink and the new 4d milk bar service. Excellent chocolates and cakes"
    • 1940 - The Niagara cafe also owned a cake and sweets factory in Bull-street, Cooks Hill which was sold in 1952. See more of the story below.
    • 1951 - George Peter Kostakes, Passed away. He died in the Royal Newcastle Hospital yesterday, aged 60. He lived at 13 Anzac Parade Newcastle which later became the Nick Gerakiteys household.     
    • Con worked at the Embassy till he retired in 1976. Around 1938 George Velissaris arrived from Greece and began working for his uncle Michael Karanges at the Niagara. Around 1946 George Velissaris bought out his brother Michael and ran the business himself. Around 1954 brothers George and Nick Velissaris bought the Station Cafe in Campsie Sydney and moved there with the family. In 1940, Steve Gounis arrived from Greece to work in the Niagara Cafe. John Scoufis, from the same village, also came to Australia to work in the Niagara but unlike the others he settled in Sydney. Scoufis bought and ran the Central Inn Cafe in Railway Square, Sydney in 1933   Phone 654.
    • Currently - The CML building.
    Nick Karanges at the Central Cafe Broadmeadow

    <<<<<<< Crossing over Morgan St and continuing west along Hunter Street >>>>>>
    Morgan to Market St Block
    115 Hunter St Newcastle, 
    • 1930 - Payzis BrothersFruiterers
    • 1940-1950 - Hunter The Stationer,  Bookseller Stationer.
    • Currently - The Lair Ladies' Fashion.

    119 Hunter St Newcastle,
    • 1914 - Payzis Brothers, a Confectionery shop Located opposite Rundles 
    • 1921- The No. 2 Astoria Cafe. Proprietors were Michael Shannos  & Speros Benas. it was a Confectionery shop  "NEWCASTLE'S LEADING CONFECTIONERY IMPORTERS. Shipments Landing Weekly from all the best English & Continental Makers.We claim these Lines are the Best Procurable. Unexcelled for Flavour,PURITY GUARANTEED. All Pascall's Toffoc in Sixpenny and Shilling Tins.The Best Chewing.Gum on the Market is CHICLETS,"A Dainty, Wholesome, and Healthful Confection.Lawney's American Chocolates. Cadbury Chocolates always in Stock"
    • 1995 - Caldwell the Jeweler.
    • 1940 - Fostars Shoes Pty Ltd. Shoe store
    • Currently - Studio Melt a Contemporary Jewellery

    120 Hunter St / 40 Hunter St / 82 Hunter St, Newcastle, 
    • 1916-1920Ways, Ltd, The Victoria Cafe,  Tel 531.

    128 Hunter St Newcastle, 
    • 1940 - Breckenridge's Blue Room Cafe

    138 Hunter St / 56 Hunter St / 98 Hunter St,  Newcastle 
    • 1909 - Carl Macree, Oyster Saloon

    200-218 Hunter St / 114 Hunter St / 162-168 Hunter St  Newcastle,  
    • 1926 - The No. 2 Astoria Cafe. Proprietors were Michael Shannos  & Speros Benas.
    • Notes - As Advertised by Newcastle Morning Herald Saturday 28 August 1926 "NEWCASTLE BUILDING Acting under instructions from the beneficiaries of the estate of the late Mr. A. A. Tighe, Messrs. F. G. and A. C. Castleden, architects, have prepared planus for at four-storey building on the Hunter, Perkin, and Scott streets corner site. The premises at present occupying the site, and which are to be pulled down are occupied by the shops of Messrs. Firkin, Davis, Bernard, and Shannos. The new building, which will be of reinforced concrete, will have plate glass windows on the Hunter and Perkin streets frontages. and there will also be one plate glass window on the return frontage in Scott street. All of the ground floor, with the exception of one shop, will be leased by Mr. D. Johns, silk merchant. The remaining shop, on the ground floor, will he occupied by Messrs. Shannos and Benos as No. 2 Astoria Cafe. The other floors will be suitable for showrooms and offices, and business and professional purposes."
    • 1940 - The proprietors were Jerry Kolivas and Jerry Cominos by 1941 Chris Stelianos joined as joint proprietor.
    • 1947 -  Spero Benas had moved to Melbourne, and had sold his interest in The Astoria 

    140 Hunter St / 58 Hunter St / 100 Hunter St, Newcastle,
    • 1909 - Payizis & MacreeFruiterers

    141 Hunter StNewcastle
    • 1899 - Refreshment Shop, Manufacturing Pastrycook and Confectioner,

    Lyric Cafe add 1920
    143 Hunter St Newcastle
    • 1916Lyric Cafe, was opened by Paxinos and Zervos. By January 1920 the proprietors were Zervos & Raftos
    • 1926 - Lyric Cafe was auctioned, On the 4th October 1926 all fixtures and fittings of the Lyric Cafe were auctioned.
    • 1930 - G. Grivas, Confectionery and Refreshments
    • 1948 - The Havana Cafe, the proprietor was John Barlas this was on the corner of Hunter and Thorn Street and just up from the old Strand Theater. 
    • Currently - Jays Travel in the Hunter St Mall
    <<<<<<< Crossing over Thorn St and continuing west along  Hunter Street via Wolf Sreet >>>>>>>
    Thorn to Wolf St Block

    159 Hunter St Newcastle 
    • 1936 - The Ritz Milk Bar on the corner of Hunter and Wolfe St, Newcastle. In 1943 the proprietor was Michael Shannos,
    • 1947 Theo Rafty was proprietor, by 1948 the Proprietor partners where Peter Scott and John Rafty.    
    • 1954 the business had expanded to 159A Hunter St.
    • Currently - Caldwells the jeweler once stood near DJ's.

    159a Hunter St Newcastle
    • 1954 -  The Ritz Milk Bar.. the business had expanded

    174 Cnr Hunter St / 82a Hunter St / 130a Hunter St, Newcastle,
    • 1916 - Victoria Cafe, it was located next door to Palling & Co at 78-80 Hunter St. Phone 531.

    186 Cnr Hunter St / 88a Hunter St / 140-142 Hunter St,  NewcastleSchool of Arts Bldg
    • 1893 - The Emporium, Mens Clothers
    • 1909 - Commonwealth Bank Of Australia
    • 1910 - Upper Floor, Newcastle School of Arts, 1910-1920
    • 1910 - Nippon Kaisha, 1910-1920, Japanese Silk Store
    • 1920 - Upper Floor, The Victoria Leagues Club
    • 1920 - Hustler's, 1920-1950
    • 1932 - Berkeley Model Frocks
    • 1950 - Upper Floor, Australian Communist Party
    • 1950 - The Koala Bar, ProprietorsThe Douglas Bros, all three brothers then two, later, went back to Greece
    • 1960 - The Koala Bar, Nick Politis bought into the parnership with the one remaining brother, Denis Douglas. Denis then left the partnership to buy The Brown Derby with old man Zivlas. Note, Nick Politiswas originally an employee of The Douglas Brothers for a short time.
    • 1960 - Pinocchios discoon the first floor, and above, The Koala Bar
    • 1970 - Upper Floor, Giuseppi's Photo Studio 
    • 1999 - McElwaine's Cafe Davids McElwaine remodeled and renovated the cafe to provide indoor and outdoor seating.
    • 2018 - Newcastle City Council, Landlord and acting as trustee for the School of Arts Building, sold the same to a Sydbey buyer
    • Currently - Corner Cafe, now Vacant since the 30th June 2019
    <<<<  Crossing over Wolf St and continuing west along Hunter Street >>>>>>
    North side of Hunter St, Wolf to Perkins St Block
    .... for South side click here

    187 Cnr Hunter St / 127 Hunter St  NewcastleHunter and Perkins StCorner 

    • 1893 - Speros Paizis opened a cafe, Scotts Corner (where David Jones once stood), 
    • 1912 - Speros Paizis moved around the corner to the Victoria Cafe.
    • Notes - 1919 Scott's Corner, with its electric clock in the tower, telling the correct time, night and day, was one of the principal land-marks of the city"

    <<<<< Crossing over Perkins St and continuing west along Hunter Street >>>>>
    Perkins to Brown St Block

    191 Hunter St Newcastle
    199 Hunter St Newcastle

    220 Hunter St / 162 Hunter St Newcastle
    • 1886 - G. Andreas, Oyster Shop
    • 2002 -The Commonwealth Bank
    <<< Crossing over Brown St and continuing west along Hunter Street >>><<< 
    <<< Crossing over Crown
     St and continuing west along Hunter Street >>>.

    241 Hunter St Newcastle,
    • 1940-1950 - Another branch of the Niagara Cafe

    279 Hunter Street Newcastle,
    • 1964 - The Corona Cafe the proprietor was Nick Gerakiteys. It was located a few doors down from the old Tatler theatre. 
    • Currently - Toys and Hobbies.

    303 Hunter St / 45 Hunter St,  Newcastle, 
    • 1880 - Refreshment Rooms
    • 1910 - Melitos Stathis, Oyster Saloon
    • 1920 - James BrothersGroceries
    • 1926-1930 - Reg A Baker  Hairdresser and tobacconist
    • 1941 - Sproul's Milk Bar
    • 1948 - The Embassy Cafethe proprietors were Constantine Karanges and Michael Peter Karanges by1976  Peter Douglas, was the proprietor
    • Currently - The Embassy Cafe. It must be Hunter Street's last surviving authentic Greek cafe.

    307 Hunter St / 49 Hunter St West / 1 Blane St  Newcastle, Crown-Darby block, Argyle Building

    • 1909 - J. Cotterill, Ham & Beef Shop
    • 1920 - G. Grivas,Confectionary & Refreshment Rooms
    • 1930 - Mrs J Tarifas, Fruiter
    • 1938 - City Meat Market

    313 Hunter St / 53 Hunter St West / 7 Blane St  Newcastle West , Crown-Darby block

    • 1909 - Black & Tarefas, Fishmonger,
    • Currently - Fusion Gourmet Bites and Coffee.

    315 Cnr Hunter St / 55 Hunter St West / 9 Blane St Newcastle, Crown-Darby block

    • 1876 -  The Tattersalls Hotel  1876-1909, (1880 D. Brent, William Ward)
    • 1917 - The Golden Heart Parlour.
    • 1922 - Fish Shop
    • 1930 - D. McLeod, 1930-1938, Jewelry, watches, silverplate ware, importer
    • 1938 - Miss L. Samuels, 1938-1950, Dressmaker
    • 1938 - Wes Oakes, Tailor
    • 1938 - Serge Parlours, Tailors Materials
    • 1950 - Wild Luke, Jeweler
    • 1969 - Upper Level, Alexander's Restaurant - Alex Hudson, caterer
    • 1975 - Upper Level, Greek club.  The proprietors were the two Jimmy's ex California Cafe
    • 1989 - Hot Food Store, Leo Marks, his son worked there
    • Currently - Kebabs shop     chk ok55

    <<<<< Crossing over Darby St and continuing west along Blane / Hunter Street >>>>
    Southern side of Hunter St, Darby to Burwood St Block   Back to the top of page
    339 Hunter St / 75 Hunter St West Newcastle,
    • 1896 - Cheap Meat Market
    • 1909 . William Orrell, Stationer   75 Hunter St
    • 1920 - Mrs R. Godfrey, Draper & Bootshop
    • 1930 - James Walker, 1930-1938,  Refreshment Rooms
    • 1940 - The Brown Derby Cafe was purchased in partnership with Denis Douglas and old man Zivlas.  Check Year
    • 1945 - The Brown Derby Cafe  1945-1986, In late 1945 Jim Kimon Kolivas bought the established tea rooms in the Fredrick Ash Block and opened The Brown Derby Cafe with brown bowler hats as lamp shades over the booths. Jim Kolivas was always on the move and had .grand ideas. so by 1948, he sold the cafe to John RaftyJerry Kolivas, Jan Rafty and Nouli Maroulis. It was located near the Clarendon Hotel. Jim Kolivas then went on to put down a deposit to buy property on the corner of Tudor and Steel Streets. It was a grocery store with a flat above in a brick building and behind was a long weatherboard which was a single story 8 rooms used as a boarding house. This did not last long and was sold to Gerry (Gerassimos) Cominos when he wanted .out of the purchase. and is now the site where the Tudor Inn Motel operates. The motel was built in partnership with John Raftos in 1973
    • Note - Demolished after the 1989 Earthquake..
    • Currently - The New Newcastle Court House

    363-365 Cnr Hunter St / 99 Hunter St West  NewcastleBennett & Wood Building
    • 1909-1919 - Bennett & Wood, Cycle Manufacturer, ok99
    • 1920 - James Walker,Restaurant
    • 1920 - Mrs Maude Buffier
    • 1930-1950 - J.A. Simpson, Drapers
    • 1930 - W. Last Nelson, Dentist
    • 1930 - Mrs A. Buxton, Cafe
    • 1950 - Dinny O'Brien 
    • Currently The Blue Door Cafe

    << Crossing over Wheeler Place and continuing west along Hunter, Blane Street >>
    South side of Hunter St, Wheeler Place to Auckland St Block   Back to the top of page


    Civic (Photo Percy Sternbeck) 1986

    379 Hunter St / 
    109 Hunter St West  NewcastleCivic Block,

    • 1909 - The Post Office Hotel,   (George Hudson)
    • 1940 - Baby Bunting, Children's Clothing  
    • 1954 - Mr P Scott of the Scott Brosa Cafe, proprietor Mr P Scott

    383  Hunter St, Newcastle, Civic Block,
    • 1932-1950 - Scott Brothers CafeConfectionery & Refreshment Rooms

    397 Hunter St Newcastle, Civic Block 
    • 1938 The Central Tea Rooms cafe  in the Civic Block virtually next to NeW UNI. Chris Gianacas proprietor and later Con & Arthur Gianacas.

    Panayota & Nouli Maroulis at the Stardust Cafe about 1960 (Photo Yiani Maroulis)

    403 Hunter St / 127 Hunter St West  Newcastle, Civic Block,
    • 1958 - The Stardust Cafe, Nouli Maroulis designed and built the Stardust Cafe, Nouli also owned the Picture theatre in Carington as well.
    • 1966 - The Stardust Cafe proprietor was John Raftos.  John purchased the Cafe from Nouli Maroulis. Since then it was taken over by the Theakos family and later resold to George Fellas,  it was recently named Civic Lunch Delights. It is located opposite the old Civic Railway Station and near the Civic Theatre.
    • Currently - Civic Lunch Delights

    409 Hunter Street, Newcastle, Civic Block
    • 1944 - The Victory, Milk Bar, Mark Barbouttis (deceased) from Kastelorizo had the Victory Cafe, Jack Barbouttis, Angelo, Anthony & Steve Barbouttis & Bros. they all had shops in Hunter st, Newcadtle
    • 2013 - All buildings demolished to make way for The NeW Space, The University of Newcastle
    • Currently - The NeW Space, The University of Newcastle
    • Property Owner:NEWCASTLE CITY COUNCIL 2300
    < South Crossing over Auckland Street and continuing west along Hunter Street >
    South side of Hunter St, Auckland St to Union St Block    Back to the top of page

    423a Hunter St / 149 Hunter St West , Newcastle,
    • 1880 - Pax, Grocer
    • 1909 - Mrs B. Thompson, Refreshment Rooms

    423 Cnr Hunter St / 151 Hunter St West  Newcastle,
    • 1909 Solomon Green, Clothier
    • 1920-1930 - Scott BrosFruiterer & Refreshment Rooms
    • 1938 - Newcastle Confectionery Co, Manufacturers
    • 1940-1950 - Sargents Ltd, Cake shop

    425 Hunter St / 153 Hunter St West  Newcastle,
    • 1909 - Black StatusFruiterer

    430 Hunter Street, Newcastle, Civic Block, Civic Railway Station
    • 1950 - The Railway Refreshment Rooms

    449 Hunter St / 173 Hunter West St  Newcastle,
    • 1930 - Ways Ltd, Pastry Cooks
    • 1938 - Sargents Newcastle Ltd, Pastry Cooks
    • 1950 - City Fish Supply

    481 Hunter St / 203 Hunter St West  Newcastle,
    • 1909 - Jos Lees, Fish Shop

    483 Hunter St Newcastle 
    • 1925 - The Central Cafe the proprietor was Chris Gianacas. Located near the CBD Hotel next to the lane way.

    485 Hunter St Newcastle
    • 920 - John Paolas, Fish Monger

    501 Hunter St / 229 Hunter St West Newcastle,
    • 1938 - Rex Milk Bar
    • 1950 - Rogers The Jewelers.
    • 1950 - Kirkham, Nursery.
    • Currently - Vacant  Block,
    • Property Owner:D C ROGERS 2300

    The Minerva Cafe 1950 (Photo Jim Zervos via Greek Cafés & Milk Bars of Australia)

    Hunter St / 227-229 Blane St, Newcastle,
    • 1909-1930 - Alex Peate & Co, Tailors
    • 1938-1940 - Kandy KitchenConfectionary & Refreshments
    • 1947 - The Minerva Cafe, proprietor was Jim Zervos. My Father, George Daviaslater became a partner after he had sold his Beach Fish Cafe. in and around 1959, the proprietors pulled in another partner and with the extra funds The Minerva Cafe was totally refurbished and a new counter built opposite the original one. This new counter was built using 'the state of the art' in new deep fryer cooking and exhaust systems.  I used to work behind the old original ice cream counter, after school, when i was around 12 years of age, making banana splits, Sundays, milkshakes and also selling chocolates & cigarettes.  Around 1966, The Minerva, the building and the surrounding property was sought after and eventually sold to the Newcastle Workers Club who were going to develop the site. Later After the sale, (Dad) George Davias, purchased the Bull St Cooks Hill Fish n Chips Shop, which he held up and until his retirement. Uncle Jim Zervos purchased a house in Smith St Hamilton, which also included a small corner convenience store which he ran for many years. Later Jim Zervos  purchased a Cafe from Nouli Maroulis in Bourke NSW and moved to there for a few years.
    • Currentlydemolished site ready for the building of the new Sky Apartment Tower

      Minerva Café  In the Photo above, Left to Right: Peter Skliros, unidentified shop assistant, James Zervos and Mick Prosssalentis, James Zervos
      (Joakim Zaverdinos/Zoverdinos), converted a pre-existing fruit shop business into the Minerva café. He had arrived in Australia from Ithaca in 1937. In 1947, after undertaking military service, James married Angelica Raftopoulos at St Johns Anglican Church in Newcastle. The Minerva Café prospered, but there were occasional issues. In early 1951 for example, James was fined for 'smoking behind the counter' and in mid-1954, thieves forced a rear door to enter the premises and stole £250 worth of cigarettes, tobacco and currency. By the late 1950s, George Davias and another Greek were taken on as partners in the business. The café then underwent refurbishment of its interior to 'update' its décor and cooking facilities. During the second half of the1960s the Newcastle Workers Club acquired the premises for development.
      Newcastle's Greek-run food-catering establishments of the early twentieth century were dominated by Arcadians and Ithacans  in contrast to the rest of New South Wales which featured a pronounced Kytherian presence.
      Photo courtesy J. Zervos, from the "In Their Own Image: Greek-Australians" National Project Archives, Macquarie University, Sydney

    517 Hunter St 233 Blane St, Newcastle,Steggas  City Emporium
    • 1900 - Steggas City Emporium, it comprised of the Bank of NSW, a Tailor and other various retailers.1909 - Excelsior Boot Co
    • 1917 - Jobs Cafe
    • 1938 - Mrs C. Ruggero, Wine Salon
    • 1950 - Charker, Wine Saloon 
    • Currently - The Rock Shop
    • Property Owner: MARTRAG PTY LIMITED 2300

    521 Hunter St  / 237 Blane St, Newcastle,
    • 1930 - Davies & Herbert, Manufacturing Confectioners The sweetest spot in Town
    • 1930 - Ways Ltd, Pasterycooks.
    • CurrentlyIndigo Books, now vacant  ok237
    • Property Owner: Lou ROUSSOS & C A ROUSSOS 2300

    523 Hunter St  / 239 Blane St,  Newcastle,
    • 1932 - D. Hopper, Fruiterer
    • 1936 - Devonia Cafe & Milk Bar, closed down in 1938
    • Currently - Vacant Shop                 
    • Property Owner: MARTRAG PTY LIMITED 2304

    529 Hunter St / 245 Blane St, Newcastle West, 
    • 1909 - Black & Capes, Fruiterers
    • 1920 - Zervos BrothersFruiterers & refreshment shopProprietors were the Zervos Brothers. On the 31st Jan 1924, under the instructions of the Zervos Bros who are relinquishing the business, the premises goes to Auction
    • 1930 - The National Bank of Australia 
    • 1938-1950 - Rogers Gift Store, China and Glass Ware Dealers.  ok245 check blane
    • 1979 - The Merry Magpie, Wine bar  it went under quite a few different names such as: Poets Page, Mary Magpie Wine Bar, JCs Karaoke and Charkers Wine Bar. Probably remembered most as The Gunfighters Rest
    • Currently - Terrace Wine Bar
      Property Owner: Terrace Property Holdings Pty Limited 2300

    <<<< Crossing over Union / Melville Street and and continuing west along Hunter Street >>>>>
    South side of Hunter St, Union St to Steel St Block   Back to the top of page

    535-537 Cnr 
    Hunter St / 253 Blane St Newcastle West  (55 Hunter St West)
    • 1920-1930 - Miss J. McLeanConfectionery & refreshments
    • Currently - Ray White, Real Estate
    • Property Owner:R M CONNORS-DAVIDSON 2300

    545-547 Hunter St Newcastle West,
    • 1920 - George.E. Bell & Sons, Fruiterers
    • Currently - Peruvian Cantina 
    • Property Owner: DIXLOD PTY LIMITED 2302

    549 Hunter St Newcastle West, 
    • 1950 - The Quality Cafe

    551d Hunter St / 259 Blane St Newcastle West,
    • 1936 - The Premier Cafe
    • 1951 - Clive Fry's Delicatessen
    • Currently - The Subo Restaurant.

    553 Hunter St / 259a Hunter St West / 259a Blane St Newcastle West,
    • 1950 . The Sweet Spot

    559 Hunter St / 265 Blane St Newcastle West, 
    • 1920 - Adam AdamsFruiterer
    • Currently - INNX, a space for co-creation and collaboration
    • Property Owner: THE STUDIO (NEWCASTLE) PTY LTD (Unit 1) 2291

    <<< South Crossing over Devonshire St and continuing west along Hunter Street >>
    South side of Hunter St, Devonshire St to Steel St Block  
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    565 Hunter St / 269 Blane St Newcastle West

    • 1932 - West End Cafe  (Opposite the Tech College)

    591 Hunter St / 287 Blane St  Newcastle West,
    • 1930 Gr Floor - A. Solomon, Fruiterer,  Confectionery & fancy goods 
    • 1958 1st floor - The Acropolis
    • 1960 1st floor - Zorba's Tavern, proprietor Nick Gerakiteys
    • Property Owner: Integrated living Australia Limited 2333

    607 Hunter St / 301 Blane St Newcastle West,
    • 1932 - Standard Wine & Spirit Co.
    • 1938-1940 - ShepherdsRefreshment Rooms & Cake Shop

    627 Hunter / 317 Blane St Newcastle West,
    • 1948  Peter Galanis of Galanis Bros Fruiterersproprietors 

    631 Hunter / 319 Blane St Newcastle West,
    • 1940 - The Pinnacle, Cafe

    <<< Crossing over Steel St and continuing west along Hunter Street >>>
    Hunter St, Steel St to National Park St  Block   Back to the top of page
    647-649 Hunter St / 331 Blane St Newcastle West,
    • 1909 - William J LaneGreengrocer
    • 1930 - T. Norman, Confectionary & Refreshment Rooms
    • 1931 - The Empire Cafeproprietor was Steve Barboutis
    • 1932 - S. Stefanoff, Confectionary
    • 1938 - The Olympic Milk Cafe, opp the Palais, Proprietor in 1941 was Steve Barboutis of the Barboutis Bros.
    • Currently - Part of the Empire Hotel site, demolished in 2003

    651a Hunter St / 333 1/2 Blane St Newcastle West,
    • 1909 - Edwin Field
    • 1930 - The Strand Cafe, (C Kamines)  proprietor was Steve Barboutis ?
    • Currently - Part of the Empire Hotel site, demolished in 2003

    657 Hunter St / 339 Blane St Newcastle West,
    • 1920 - Mrs E. Llewellyn, Fruiterer
    • 1930 - Way's Ltd, Refreshment Rooms
    • 1938-1950 - Sargents Ltd, Refreshment Rooms & Cake shop
    • 1970 - Morries Magic,Leather goods Manufacturing.
    • Currently - AKK Asian Groceries

    659 Hunter St Newcastle West
    • 1920 - Costa Theakos, Fishmonger
    • 1926-1927 - The Oceanic CafePurchased by Gerry Cominos,  in partnership with Chris Pappas. (brother to Nick Papas and Keka Scott) and another Ithacan, Mr Kaminis from Stavros. This was Gerry Cominos's first shop. The Oceanic Cafe had been trading since 1921. It specialised in fresh fish that were supplied by Red Funnel Fisheries who were wholesalers.On the 1st August 1935 Red Funnel Fisheries came up for sale, so Gerry Cominos and Chris Papas bought in with a 50% partnership.       
    • 1940 - It was owned by Catsicus & Pandos  The Oceanic Cafe was purchased by Jim Litsa on the 14 Aug 1944. Steve Arthur Kontalis. was the manager. 
    • 1948 - All the shop fittings were auctioned as the cafe ceased trading. It was located near the Bank Corner and 4 doors east from the Royal Theatre
    • Currently - it was Chesters Menswear and now it is Asian Grocery store.

    663 Hunter St / 345 Blane St Newcastle West,
    • 1951 - The Manhattan Cafe proprietor was Michael Karanges, located  left side of the Royal Theatre.
    • Currently - The Tattoo Studio.   

    Theo's Milk Bar
    671 Hunter St / 353 Blane St Newcastle West,
    • 1909 - James H. Philpotts, Draper
    • 1920 - Ways Ltd, Refreshment Rooms
    • 1930 - Foyer, The Soda Fountain.
    • 1930-1950 - The Royal Refreshment & Confectionary Rooms.
    • 1942-1950 - Theo's Milk BarTheo Rafty proprietor. Located next door to the right of the Royal Theatre.  Theo Rafty in 1936 of 10 Bruce St cooks Hill (Theo arrived in Australia in 1937) the store was demolished and a new building is present there today
    • Currently - Lifestyle Financial Planners

    673-675 Hunter St West / 355-357 Blane St Newcastle West,
    • 1883-1920 - Gilbert Bros, Coach Builders, Undertakers and Furnishers
    • 1930 - Royal Cake Shop                                                   
    • 1938 - Slack's, Refreshment Rooms

    681c Hunter St Newcastle West,  Built over Cottage Creek, At the old tram Stop,
    • 1915-1918 - West End Soda Fountain, G Newey
    • 1919 - D.G. ValentineConfectionery
    • 1921 - Denis KoutsouvelisRefreshment Room
    • 1931 - The Bank Corner Cafe the full contents of the The Bank Corner Cafe where auctioned after 6 months of trading. in1938 the proprietor was George Grivas. 
    • 1944 - Bank Corner Fish Cafe. the proprietors where Stanly Levendis and Peter Dallas. 
    • 1946 - Peters Bank Corner Cafe
    • 1950 - La Plaza Fish Cafe
    • Currently - earmarked for demolition to expose Cockle Creek
    Hunter St,     Back to the top of page
    683 Hunter St Newcastle WestBank Corner /  Charlton St / Hunter St Wickham,

    689 Hunter St Newcastle West /  Charlton St / Hunter St Wickham,
    • 1909 - James Bone, Grocer
    • 1920 - J.H. Philpotts & Son, Grocers 
    • 1920-1938 - Thomas Jack & SonFruiterers
    • 1950 - The Florida Milk Bar
    • Currently - Foleys Pianos
    • Property Owner:I J LINDSAY & S R LINDSAY & M P MORELLO 2300

    693 Hunter St Newcastle West / 09 Charlton St / Hunter St Wickham,
    • 1930 - The Majestic Refreshment Rooms
    • 1932 - Blue Bird, Refreshment Rooms
    • 1950 - A Dod & Company Dry Cleaners

    697 Hunter St Newcastle West / 13 Charlton St / 13 Hunter St West,
    • 1909 - George solwayGrocer  13 Hunter St West
    • 1920 . Thomas W. Brown, Saddler
    • 1930-1950 - D.G. Valentine's, Confectionery Wholesale
    • 1950 . D.G. McDougal, Toy Dealer
    • 1987 - Clothing Store
    • 1991 - Camper's Corner, NewcastleCamping and Dispolal Center
    • CurrentlyFat Ink Tattoo                    13
    • Property Owner:M B ROBSON & T R HUGHES 2303

    703 Hunter St Newcastle West / 19 Charlton St / Hunter St Wickham,
    • 1909 - Mrs Ann Ford
    • 1920 - Grallilis & GianoulisFruiterers

    <<<<<<< Crossing over National Park St and continuing west along Hunter Street >>>>>>>
    Hunter St, National Park St to Stewart Avenue  Block
    739 Hunter St Newcastle West / 45 Charlton St / 19 Hunter St Wickham,
    • 1920-1940 - Foggitt Jones Pty Ltd, Dairy Produce, Ham & Bacon Curers, Canned Pork. Tel 765
    • Currently - 3 new town houses
    • Property Owner:J K WATERHOUSE & M A WATERHOUSE 2001
     <<<<<<< Crossing over Stewart Avenue and continuing west along Hunter Street  >>>>>>>
    Hunter St, Stewart Avenue to Denison Street  Block

    789 Hunter St Newcastle West / 87 Charlton St / Hunter St Wickham,
    • 1930-2018 -  The Cambridge Hotel
    • 1950 - West End Milk Bar ..89 Hunter St Wickham
    • 1970 - West End, Proprietor was Jim Zervos.
    • 1978 - The Parthenon Milk Bar

    813 Hunter St Newcastle West / 107 Charlton St / Hunter St Wickham,

    • 1932 - Mrs J. Woodward, Store
    • 1950-1952 - M. Andrus, Fishmonger

     <<<<< Crossing over Tudor St and continuing west along Hunter Street >>>>>
    South side of Hunter St, Tudor to Overhead Bridge Block       Back to the top of page


    to be continued.....

    Ducking down to Newcomen, Wolf & Scott St's Before continuing west along Hunter Street >>>>>>>

    9 Newcomen Street Newcastle,
    • 1920 - The Myola Cafe it was located on the corner Newcomen St and the City Arcade. 
    • 1942 - Arthur's Fish Shop, Renamed by the new proprietor who was Michael Magripilis and still there by 1950
    • 1965 - There were further owners over the years, George Roussos Bought the cafe from Jerry Comminos.

    17a Newcomen Street Newcastle,
    • 1920 - The Australian Cafe behind The Matara Bar in Newcomen St.

    97 Scott Street Newcastle East. 
    • 1941 - Jerry's Fish CafeThe proprietors were Gerasimus Grivas (Jerry) and Charlie Roussos.    
    • 1926 - The Railway Cafe, which was opposite the old Newcastle Railway Station, and right next door to the now demolished, George Hotel and just up the road from The Great Northern Hotel. 
    • 1970 - John Argiris had a temporary cafe on the ground floor, just inside the entrance to The George Hotel (The legend lived on as John Argiris served some of the best food in Newcastle)

    143 Scott Street Newcastle East.  
    • 1944 - The Monterey Tea Rooms owned by Con Rolf.  
    • 1944 - Down further was also a Milk Bar / Fruit shop owned by Telemahos Paizis
    • 1940 - The Monterey Tea Rooms weret located at 113 Scott Street
    • Note the Three large hotels opposite the Newcastle Railway station.
    • The Great Northern Hotel 
    • The George Hotel 
    • The Terminus Hotel 

    Jerrys fish cafe, The George and The Great Northern Hotels. (Photo UNI) Scott Street Newcastle
    121a King St Newcastle East
    • 1943 - The Omonia Club, The proprietor was Stanley (Stathis) Leventishe also formed the club in 1929 in Scott St, He arrived from Ithaca around 1909 and then residing at 310 Darby St. Con Scanos was proprietor during 1954. During September in the same year, Stanley (Stathis) Leventis, passed away at the Mater Hospital
    • 1929 -  The Omonia Club was located in Scott Street.
    • Note - The Omonia was also the name of the Greek Brotherhood

    13a Wolf Street Newcastle East                  
    • 1949 - Central Greek ClubIt was located where the old David Jones store was in Wolf St and near the corner where the telephone exchange is still located.

    1 Market Street, Around the corner of Hunter st,
    • Basil's Cafe. the proprietor was Peter Kotteakos.
    Basil's Cafe (photo Percy Sternbeck 1986)

    8 Wolf Street Newcastle
    • 1937 - The Majestic Cafe registered in 1937 as a Proprietary Ltd Company, with nominal capital, 5,000 Pounds (The Registration details where that the objects of the company are to carry on the business of cafe and restaurant."  The proprietors & Directors where Michael ShannosNick Scott, Gerry Cominos, of 659 Hunter Street (during 1930) and Chris PappasThe registered office of the company is at Newcastle. In 1943, Jerry (Gerasimos) Colyvas was staff manager. In 1949 the proprietor was Trevor Paxinos. By 1951 the proprietor was Con Raftos. The Majestic was also one of the Larger Newcastle cafe's at the time.
    • Currently -  The old demolished David Jones in Wolf St, soon to be a block of Apartments.

    5 Wolf Street Newcastle,
    • 1940 - Breckenridge Blue Room, Coffee Shop
    • Currently - Thomas Watchmaker

    The Victoria Cafe / Milk Bar
                        The Victoria Cafe / Milk Bar (photo Newcastle Herald)                                                        The Temperance Hotel (photo UonArchi)

    6 Perkins St, Newcastle 
    • 1892 - The Temperance Hotel, the owner Mr Wells stands proudly in front of the hotel. As well as accommodation, Mr Wells offered houses and carriages for sales or hire, he was an auctioneer, a mail contractor and a house, land and commission agent. Next door to the Temperance Hotel was the Victoria Theatre. A theatre had stood on this site for some time 1890 it was reconstructed to the design of architect James Henderson.
    • 1912 - The Victoria Cafe, which was opened by Speros Payzis. It appears that, for many years, the Victoria Cafe was also a ticket reseller for the Victoria Theatre next door. 
      - The proprietors of 
      The Victoria Cafe were Nick Scott and Speros Payzis and it was known as Scott's Victoria Cafe
    • 1937 - It was also known as Scott and Paizis Refreshment RoomsI'm led to believe that the old Victoria Cafe was one of the largest in the Newcastle scene...
    • Currently - Vinyl Cafe

    The Victoria Cafe in Perkins St around 1930

    4 Perkins St, Newcastle                                                 
    Next to the Victoria Theatre and at  (possibly 1st floor on the location of the Victoria Cafe) was the residence of Con Zavitsanos. Con was part owner of the Treasury Cafe, he was also born in Stavros, Ithaca Greece.

    Perkins St, Newcastle
    • 1876 - Cafe de Paris, which was located next door to the then called Stuart's Hotel,
    • 1875 - Stuart's Family Hotel. 
    • 1878 - The Crown & Anchor Hotel. By November 
    • 1878 - The Cafe De Paris changed its name to The Crown & Anchor Cafe.  
    • Notes - It appears to me that the Crown & Anchor Cafe and Cafe de Paris were the for runner cafes before the Victoria Cafe.

     Victoria Theatre and the Victoria Cafe on the right (photo Newcastle Herald )

     9 Perkins St, Newcastle
    • 1940Gum Nut Tea Rooms

    11 Perkins St, Newcastle
    • 1940 - The Select Cafe
    • 1947The Rudy Rico, and opposite the Victoria Theatre,  The proprietor was Jerry Cominos jnr. Jerry purchased the milk bar "The Rudy Rico" at age 19 years. The cafe was purchased from Demetrios (Jim) K. Kolivas who was a Hollywood dancer/actor. The Rudy Rico was at the time where the David Jones car park was before it was demolished recently... It was also known at the time as the "Most Modern Hamburger Cafe Shop In Newcastle"  Demetrios (Jim) Kolivas was also born on the Island of Ithaca, Greece and in 1929 he resided at 659 Hunter Street. See the story on Demetrios below.
    • Currently - The old demolished David Jones in Wolf St, soon to be a block of Apartments.

    Red Funnel Fisheries
    Red Funnel Fisheries (behind Darks Ice Works) a table top truck waits to be loaded in the loading bay

    Wharf Road Newcastle,
    • Red Funnel Fisheries which was Not Involved as a Cafe, but mentioned here due to the association with the supply and distribution of fresh seafood to Newcastle and surrounds as well as different parts of the State and Australia. 
    • Previously - Around the 31st January 1934, the original Sydney based, Red Funnel Fisheries Limited and its Trawlers was placed into Voluntary Liquidation. On the 1st of August 1935 Red Funnel Fisheries Limited came up for sale so Gerry (Gerassimos) Cominos and Chris Papas bought into the business with a 50% each equal partnership. They left an opening for Nick Papas to to buy into on his return from Greece but he did not take up the offer and was caught up in the war and did not return to Australia till 1946.  
    • Red Funnel Fisheries was originally located in Wharf Road at the end of the footbridge opposite what used to be David Jones, the other side of the boat mooring and opposite the then Stockton Ferry terminal. It was a freestanding weatherboard building using the freezers from Darks Ice Works next Door. 
    • Later - After 3 years they moved Red Funnel Fisheries from around Market St to the Darks Ice Works building where they leased the new Premises. By 1937 Peter Cominos, had arrived in Australia and joined his brother Gerry Cominos in the business buy buying a share from each. The partnership then became Gerry Cominos, Nafsica Cominos, Chris Papas, and Peter Cominos.
    • Later - Around 1974, Red Funnel Fisheries, had outgrown its current premises and was looking for a larger space, so it moved out into the nearly new Edgell's building, freezer room's and offices at Kotara, by this stage, it was headed by Arthur Cominos as MD and Chris Sofianos. 
      Red Funnel Fisheries
      is still operating and located at Kotara today under the leadership of Arthur, Chris and the children.
      More information on the history of Red Funnel Fisheries will be available soon on a different post by Red Funnel Management.
    • Currently - First office blocks along Wharf Road. it appears that Red Funnel was right opposite the corner of Winns on Brown and Hunter Streets in Wharf Road.
    Red Funnel Fisheries
    Red Funnel Fisheries team (taken around the 1950's)

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    Newcomen to Morgan St Block

    By Spero Davias - 2012 - 2019

     No Name of Cafe
    California Cafe
    Arthur Sikiotis 1935
    Paul (Polydoros) Paxinos
    The Wattle Cafe


    Vienna Cafe
    Kurt Picardi
    Demetrios (Jim) K. Kolivas,1928
    Canberra Cafe

    The Shortland Cafe

    Morris Cafe


    Shipmates Clem Ashford

    The Beach Milk Bar


    Kosciusko Cafe    Basil Stavros 1942
     Chris Stavros (Stavrianopoulos) John Rafty
    Pacific Cafe  Chris Sofianos 1950
    Stan Tsohadsis 

    Refreshment Rooms
    Sophianos Denes 1930
    Cutsuicles Denes
    Moccadore Cafe  Denes Koutsouvelis 1940

    Vogue Cafe Alexander Zeppos, 1940
    Peter Sourlos, The Greek Club
    Oxford Cafe
    Theodore Comino 1921

    Paragon Cafe  John Raftos
    Nick Raftos

    Beach Fish Cafe
    George Davias 1944
    Agapitos Montiadis (James Morris)
    Cosmopolitan Cafe  Mr Zograff Hresto 1904
    James Cofteros, Cutsuicles Denes Sophianos  Denes
    Grand City Oyster Saloon The Rafty Brothers 1905
    Sophianos  & Cutsuicles Denes
    The Australian Cafe

    Coffee Inn  Nicholas Scott 1940

    Hungry Johns John Argiris (Dcd)

    The American Bar Cafe
    WoodLoo 1891

    The Refreshment room Peter Paxinos

    Jerry's Fish Cafe  
    Gerasimus Grivas 1941
    Charlie Roussos
    The Railway Cafe Peter Paxinos 1926

    Monterey Tea Rooms
    Con Rolf

    Milk Bar / Fruit Shop Telemahos Paizis

    Omonia Club
    Stanley (Stathis) Leventis

    Central Greek Club


    Scott's Milk Bar Nick Scott 1947

    Brazil Fruit shop George Lekatsas 1954

    Brazil 81 Milk Bar
    John Raftos 1957

    Devomnshire Coffee Lounge


    Refreshment Rooms George Paxinos 1920

    Myola Cafe


    Arthur's Fish Shop Michael Magripilis 1942
     Jerry Comminos, Newcomon St George Roussos
    Restaurant Sophianos Denes 1920
    Cutsuicles Denes
    Toni's Fish Cafe
    Michael Shannos

    Treasury Cafe   
    Theo Milas
    Con Zavitsanos
    Oyster Salon Peter Hresto 1909

    Sophianos 1930
    & Leventis
    The Cosmopolitan Cafe
    Babis Bonis 1936
    Andrew Kulidas
    The Continental Cafe John (Yianko) Rafty 1970
    George Rafty

    100 Sargent's Newcastle Ltd

    The Matara Gourmet Bar John (Yianko) Rafty 1940

    Astoria Café Michael Shannos 1925
    Jerry Kolivas Chris Stelianos
    Niagara Cafe Angelo Bourtzos 1898
     Kostakes, George Velissaris George Peter, Michael, Nick & Theo  Karanges
    Fruit Shop Payzis Brothers 1930

    No 2 Astoria  
    Michael Shannos 1921
    Speros Benas
    Confectionery shop Payzis Brothers 1914

    Basil's Cafe
    Peter Kotteakos

    Market St
    Havana Cafe  
    John Barlas 1948

    Refreshments G. Grivas 1930

    Majestic Cafe
    M. Shannos, Nick Scott, 1937
    GTrevor Paxinoserry Cominos,Chris  Pappas Jerry CCon Raftosolyvas,
    Oyster Saloon Demetrus Kerangis 1909

    Lyric Cafe
    Paxinos 1916
    Zervos Zervos & Raftos
    Ritz Milk Bar  Theo Rafty
    Michael Shannos Peter Scott, John Rafty
    Scots Corner Speros Paizis 1893

    Victoria Cafe
    Nick Scott 1912
    Speros Payzis
    Cafe de Paris

    The Crown & Anchor Cafe

    Greys Cafe


    Marble Bar Cafe  


    Rudy Rico  Demetrios (Jim) K. Kolivas 1947
    Jerry Cominos jnr Demetrios (Jim) K. Kolivas
    Red Funnel Fisheries Gerry Cominos 1935
    Chris Pappas Peter Cominos
    Oyster Shop
    G. Andreas 1886

    Nigara Cafe #2


    The Corona Cafe    
    Nick Gerakiteys 1964

    Embassy Cafe Constantine Karanges 1948
    Michael Peter Karanges Peter Douglas
    Refreshment Rooms G. Grivas 1920

    Brown Derby Jerry Kolivas 1945
    John Rafty Nouli Maroulis
    Scott Bros,Cafe P Scott 1954

    Refreshment Rooms Scott Brothers 1932

    Stardust Cafe Nouli Maroulis 1958
    John Raftos George Fellas
    Central Tea Rooms cafe
    Chris Gianacas 1938
    Con & Arthur Gianacas
    The Central Cafe Chris Gianacas 1925

    Minerva Cafe Jim Zervos, 1937 George Davias
    Olympic Cafe Steve Barboutis 1938

    Empire Cafe    Steve Barboutis 1931

    Oceanic Cafe
    Gerry Cominos 1926
    Chris Pappas Jim Litsa
    Theo's Milk Bar  
    Theo Rafty 1942

    Manhattan Cafe Michael Karangis 1951

    Bank Corner Cafe
    George Grivas 1931

    Ritz Milk Bar
    Michael Shannos 1938
    Peter Scott and Theo Rafty
    The Florida Milk Bar

    West End Milk Bar
    Jim Zervos

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    News from way back... found whilst researching

    By Spero Davias - 2012 - 2018

    Add placed in the Herald 1944

    1946 FIRE IN CAFE,  Hunter Street... Beach Fish Cafe.
    • Fat coming in contact with lighted gas iet caused a fire in the Beach Fish Cafe, Hunter-street, late night cook, Henry Alfred Thornton, kept the flames in check until firemen arrived. Cook's Hill Brigade put the fire out with a chemical extinguisher before it had caused any, damage. The premise was occupied by George Davias and James Morris

    UNLICENSED RADIOS29 Mar 1954,  Beach Fish Cafe..
    • Inspector J.B. Marley. of the Postmaster-General's Department. proceeded against a defendant on charges of having failed to produce licences for their radios. George Davias of Hunter Street, Newcastle, was fined £2/10/, with 12/ costs for the same offence. Mr. A. Nathan, for the defence. said the radio was taken over with the goods and chattels in a cafe and the licence was overlooked.

    LICENSING COURT. 12 May 1905
    • Katherine Mary Carroll, licensee of the Burwood Inn, Merewether, was granted a renewal of her publican's.license. Zograft Hresto, 41 Hunter-street, Newcastle, applied for a transfer of his colonial wine license to Sophianos Denes & Cutsuicles Denes. The application was opposed by Sub-inspector Goulder, on the ground that the present holder of the license was-bankrupt, and his cstatp had passed to the official assignee. A second ground of objection was that a transfer could not be held under two names. - The case was adjourned until May 18 1905, in order that the official assignee might be Informed.

    NEW COMPANY. 14 Jan 1926, The Niagara, Limited
    • New company registered yesterday included the following: The Niagara, Limited, capital £20,000 in £1 shares. To acquire and take over as a going concern the business of confectioners, pastrycooks, and cafe rooms carried on by Mesars. George Peter Kostakes and Mr. Michael Peter Karanges, at 112 and 114 Hunter street, Newcastle. First directors, George Peter Kostakes and Michael Karanges.

    • KOSTAKES--The Funeral of the late Patron of our brotherhood, George Peter Kostakes. will take place to-day, Friday. For further particulars see family notice. - NICHOLAS SCOTT. President

    DEMIETRE K. KOLIVAS, 17th December 1929
    •  Greek Nationality, born at Ithaca, of Greece, and resident over live years in the British Empire, now residing at 650 Hunter-st.West, Newcastle, N.S.W., intend to apply for' naturalisation under the Commonwealth Nationality Act, 1020-1023.

    NEW CAFE IN HUNTER ST.... 22rd June 1939 ... Devonshire Coffee Lounge
    • Modem Service Facilities: Something new in the way of cafe and entertainment services for Newcastle will be presented with the opening next Monday night of the Devonshire Coffee Lounge in Hunter-street, between Bolton and Newcomen Streets, THE business will be carried on on two floors. On the ground floor It will offer the latest in modern Ideas and design for cafe service. On the floor above is situated a commodious lounge room with a dance floor. This room will be available for card, afternoon tea, wedding, birthday, or other parties and functions, such as supper dances.
    • Features of the design are the artistic and comfortable furnishings and a number of innovations for the convenience of, and service to, customers. The policy of the management, which already has an established business In Hunter Street at The Coffee Inn. is to offer high-grade service to its To this end nothing but the highest grade commodities are used, and the three kitchens on the new premises will ensure the freshness and ready supply of baking and catering needs. 
    • Carried out in Australian silver ash wood, the cafe furnishings on the ground floor offer something new in appearance, design and comfort. A variety of new loge layouts is incorporated, Including full-round seat toge with seats that lift up when entrance to the loge is required, and racks underneath for hats and parcels. Artistic Effects Particular attention has been paid to the artistic toning of the furnishing and reflects. Tame tops are .Inlaid and loge and lounge chairs are comfortably upholstered. ' Nor has the comfort of the staff been neglected. Special accommodation is provided, including retiring rooms and hot and cold showers. 
    • The shop, bringing cakes made from eggs fresh daily straight to the buyer, and a novel coffee-bean container.This coffee container has a large rounded plate glass front and is divided by plate glass partitions, each containing a different kind ol coffee bean. By a feeding device at the back the required quantity may be drawn from a continuous tash supply and after a 'visible' sale the customer may have the beans freshly ground at the counter. Wide Menu Range Part of the policy of the management has been to purchase, everything required for the furnishing and fitting of ~ the cafe in Newcastle .Special tariffs operating already in The Coffee Inn will be maintained. A cup of tea or coffee may be had 3d. and tea or coffee with biscuits for 4d.  Cuisine arrangements ensure a comprehensive additional Polished floors throughout are an attractive and artistic addition. A handsome stairway leading from the cafe to the lounge room tones in with the general design. Lighting effects have been carefully arranged to avoid glare but to maintain efficient illumination.

    CAFE ON FIRE, 1936 Cosmopolitan Cafe
    • Diners Make Hurried Exit. The dining-room on the upper floor of the Cosmopolitan Cafe, Hunter-street, Newcastle, was damaged, and the kitchen behind it gutted by fire at the lunch hour yesterday. The outbreak caused  consternation amongst about 25 men and women seated at tables in the room. Although they hastened to the narrow stairway leading to the pavement with all possible haste, the room was cleared without any suggestion of panic.

    Chris Stavros (left) Basil Stavros (right) at the Kosciusko' Cafe

    CAFE OPEN AFTER MIDNIGHT.- Kosciusko' Cafe, 10 Mar 1942
    • Basil Stavros and John Rafty trading as Kosciusko' Cafe, in Hunter-street.Newcastle, were charged that, not being licensed within the meaning of the Liquor Act, they kept open their shop for the transaction of business later than midnight. Stavros was eliminated from the case and Rafty was fined £2, with 12/ costs. The Police Prosecutor (Sergeant W.G. Wallogel said the cafe was found open at 12.35 a.m. on February 18. Thy proprietors had been warned about having kept it open after midnight on six or seven occasions.  Mr. J. M. Ruggero, for defendant said it frequently happened that men entered the cafe before midnight and wanted to sit there an hour for a meal. The proprietors experienced a lot of troubled manded grills. It was unwise to try to get them out. That had been tried and "the place was smashed up."

    UNDERSIZED FISH, Red Funnel Fisheries... 3rd Oct 1935
    • Charge of having consigned for sale, on August 1, fish of less than the prescribed length. Inspector J. Irwin said that on August 1 1935 he examined six cases of fish at Red Funnel FisheriesJerry Cominos, fish shop proprietor, and manager of the Red Funnel Fisheries depot, said that 15 cases were consigned to the depot from the Red Funnel Trawlers Ltd., of Sydney. He took over the management of the depot that day, and paid for only 13 cases. The fish depot at Newcastle was not a branch of the Red Funnel Trawlers Ltd. The cases opened by Inspector Irwin were included in the consignment from Sydney. He paid for the fish by cheque.

    WIDENING WHARF ROAD - Red Funnel Fisheries 4th Feb 1939
    • A further move in the general scheme to widems Wharf-road near boat harbour was made yesterday, when the Greater Newcastle Council began to demolish the building formerly leased to Red Funnel Fisheries. The Public Works Depart has already widened an adjacent section of the road. It remains for the council to demolish the building, and fill in boat harbour.

    Wholesalers Approve Fish Market  9th Jul 1943 
    • Wholesale fishmongers in Newcastle approve the establishment of a Government fish market controlled by Greater Newcastle Council.
    • The Manager of 'Red Funnel Fisheries (Mr. Gerry Cominos ) said he looked to the time-he realised it would have to be a postwar project--when Newcastle would have a fish market equipped with up-to date cold storage. Fishermen would have a central depot, and would know each day the approximate cash,.value-of their hauls, he said. It was unlikely thattheir returns would show an appreciable difference, but they would be selling fish under proper supervision.
    • Fish had been scarce for so long that he could see no early prospect of cheap fish for. the public,,but under municipal supervision ..they would be sure of getting fresh fish Mr. J. Neal, proprietor- of the wholesale and retail fish markets in Steel-street. said a considerable quantity of fish was bought by dealers from fishermen and sold 'direct to householders without supervision as to quality or condition. With the establishment of the ,markets, that system of trading would be abolished. The retailer would be given a reasonable opportunity to estimate his requirements, and the public would be protected.

    TRAWLER FOR SALE 14 Dec 1946
    • TRAWLER, 5 mths. old, for sale. operating now. full equipment; nets, Insurance, maritime certificate. etc. Discussions with the owners, Red Funnel FisherIes. Wharf-rd. Newcastle

    Hollywood Dancer Now Tank Gunner (1941)
    • "RUDI RICO," £40 a week artist on Tivoli Theatres, is at present a member of an anti-tank regiment in a Northern camp-a plain gunner, drawing 6/ a day. Grit and determination is the story behind Rudy's rise to fame.
    • A Newcastle boy, he overcame many obstacles to attain his ambition. The ground work for his Hollywood debut was laid in Newcastle. He left the city with just sufficient money to buy a boat ticket to America; and came back with his name on the headlines of theatre bills.
    • In 1027 a young Greek, Demetrios K.Kolivas, better known as "Jim," was working in a refreshment shop in Scott street. Seventeen years old, the boy had ambitions. He had arrived from South Africa a few months before and was keen to take up dancing or stage work of some kind as a career. While in receipt of wages in Newcastle he studied. He learnt singing, voice production, elocution and dancing. Madame Rachel Le Patourel was his singing teacher. His first dancing lessons were taken in a room over the Coop store. That was in 1928. While he was studying, the boy made up his mind to go to Hollywood. He mentioned the matter to his friends. Some encouraged him, others told him he would never do it. They had seen him dance; they knew he had something in him, but Hollywood, home of highly paid stars; bubbling over with talent, discovered and undiscovered. It was too "rich," young Jim's friends thought, for an obscure Newcastle youth.The friends, however, reckoned without the determination that belonged to young Jim.  Money was his trouble. He wanted sufficient to take him to America. An opportunity offered for higher wages in a shop at Aberdeen, near Scone. Jim took it; worked for a while, and then set out with a basket selling fish for himself. Hard work and long hours at last gave him sufficient funds to purchase his boat ticket to America.
    • He travelled via New Zealand and eventually landed in San Francisco-a stranger in a strange land, without a cent in his pocket. The lad wandered from door to door looking for work.  The depression was at its worst then. There was no work in America for strangers. Anything going was quickly claimed by local men. Hungry and footsore, the lad sold news papers in the streets. Then be accepted a position washing windows; later he was a prop boy in Paramount Studios, Hollywood, and afterwards became a waiter in 'the Brown Derby, one of the world's most famous cafes. In this place he served the film stars.
    • The brightest lights in the film firmament were his customers. He became personally acquainted with them. For months the boy was a waiter, but all the time he kept up his studies, and eventually found the ideal partner for his dancing numbers. He called her. "La Tosca." He changed his own name for stage purposes to "Rudy Rico." In the months ahead Rudy and La Tosca were to become household words in America, and eventually in Australia.  The couple trained together whenever they had any spare time; they perfected their act, and at last were offered work in Hollywood.
    • Fame Spread Fearing that they would not "go over" until their act was perfected, the young couple declined the Hollywood contract but went to the provinces. They made their first stage appearance-at Rockwood, Illinois, and created a sensation. Fame was theirs overnight. Still declining to go to Hollywood, the couple played other small towns. Their fame spread. When they eventually accepted a contract Hollywood blazed their names across front pages.  They were in the big money. They played in pictures with Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. Rudy was a stand-in for film actor George Raft on two or three occasions. The couple played in "Hollywood Revue," "Flying Down to Rio," "La Cucaracha," "Last Days of Pompeii," "The Devil Rides on Horseback," and in short subjects. At the height of their fame representatives of Tivoli Theatres saw them. They signed a contract to appear in Sydney at £40 a week. That was in May, 1940. Rudy had not completed that contract when he was called up for military service. He gave his address as Newcastle, was passed into a draft for a northern camp. At the moment he is a gunner mi an .anti-tank regiment. Rudy claims Newcastle as his home town.
    • His twin brother is manager of the Majestic Cafe. in Wolfe-street, and his sister, Mrs. Nancy Comino, lives in Jenner-parade, Hamilton South. In camp Rudy is a popular personality. He is willing to assist in camp entertainments, and has already taught the boys the Ishumba aod "La Conga" dances.
    • by 1950's The cafés Greek proprietor, was Jerry Kolivas, Jerry was originally from the island of Ithaca. Newcastles Greek-run food-catering establishments of the early twentieth century were dominated by Arcadians and Ithacans.

    CAR OVER NEAR GOSFORD  Sunday. 15 Aug 1938
    • SLIGHT INJURIES  Hamilton Man's Escape Michael Peter Karanges, of Kemp-street, Hamilton, and the Niagara Cafe, Newcastle, escaped with slight injuries to the head when his car turned over on the Pacific Highway, four miles on the Gosford side of Peat's Ferry today. The car was badly smashed. Mr. Karanges, who was the only person in the car, had a remarkable escape. When he was brought into Gosford by a passing motorist he was found to be suffering from slight head Injuries. He left for Newcastle after being treated by a doctor.

    GREEK SHOPS MAY CLOSE (25 Oct 1944)
    • Celebrate Nation's Liberation Thint.v Greek should in the city cafes, milk bars, fish shops and fruit shops-are expected to close on Friday to celebrate the liberation of Greece. The cafes provide meals for several thousand people daily.Other restaurants are unlikely to be able to meet the increased demand because of auota restriction and staff shortage.
    • One proprietor said: "We cannot produce sufficient food for nonnal demands. If all the Greek, shops close, hundreds of people will 'not get a midday meal."  The President of the Greek community (Mr Karanges) said the Greek shopkeepers did not wish to put the public to any inconvenience.The decision to close their shops was made because the day was regarded as a solemn one rather than ecallino for celebration. Msr. Lorean?es said that Greeks could not he compelled 'to close their shops. They would be invited to close. He believed that all would comply with the request. Mr. Karanges added thant a proposal to .close the shops between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. had been rejected. 
    • A procession , in which the military includinG AWAS-and possibly a naval detachment will join with Greek citizens, will leave the City fall at 11 a.m. and march to the Post-office where a wreath will be placed on the memorial. An Air Force salute will be given from the air. This will be followed by n tankas yivin service in the City Hall conducted by the Dean of Newcastle (Very Rev. A. E. Morris).

    The Story of the Niagara Café, Nick Karanges and Olive May Watts
                                                                        as told by Noula Trypas
    • The Niagara café in Hunter Street, was established in Newcastle by Angelo Bourtzos in 1898. He had  previously left the small Greek village of Vlahokerasia in the Peloponnese, for America, where he saw the American style cafes -  soda fountains, milkshakes, ice cream sodas, booths etc.
      He brought these ideas to Hunter Street and opened the Niagara Café. He also brought out my uncles, Theo and Michael Karanges to work in the café. (Theo was his godson)
    • My father, Nick Karanges arrived in Australia with his siblings, Con and Georgia in 1936. Nick and Con went to work in the Niagara café in Hunter Street with their two older brothers, until they were able to leave and open their own establishments.
      My mother, Olive May Watts, came to Newcastle with her widowed mother from Mullumbimby and started working at the Niagara Café as a waitress.
    • At that time the café was the place to go. I'm told it was very glamorous.
    • My Dad, Nick worked in the downstairs section where all the sweets and chocolates were made. One day Olive saw Nick coming up the stairs with a big vat of milk on his shoulder, and that was it. She said to herself, "He' s the one for me!" 
    • A long courtship followed and the language barrier was overcome. They both left the Niagara when Dad took over the Central Café in Broadmeadow.
    • World War 2 saw Dad serve in New Guinea, while Mum helped in the running of the shop together with Dad's brother, Theo.They married on Dad' s return from the war.
      by Noula Trypas

    • Eleven applications for exemption from service in the defence forces, on the ground of hardship, were heard by Mr. C. G. Carr-Boyd, S.M., at Newcastle Summons Court yesterday.
    • Two applications were granted and four were adjourned. The others were refused. Captain Coop appeared in opposition to the applications.
    • An adjournment to May 21 was granted in the case concerning Nicolas Karatzas. Karatzas said he was a cafe proprietor in Newcastle, He arrived in Australia 5½' years ago. For four years he was a medical student at Athens University. He had bought the right to sell sweets In the Century Theatre.Broadmeadow. It was his intention to get enough money to continue a medical course at Sydney University. He was paying £10 a week for the selling rights at the theatre. He had served twoyears In the Greek Army. Two brothers were in Australia. It cost him £1100 to set up in business at the theatre.By Captain Coop: He did not know there was a law of moratorium to protect the rights of soldiers. He was single and 33 years old.The hearing was adjourned to Thursday in the cases of John Raftopoulos, and BasIl Stavronopoulos.
    • Mr. H. L. O'Neill. Messrs. Johnson and O'Neill appeared for Barbouttls, Karatzas, Thompson, Raftopoulos, Scott, and Smyth; Mr. J. M. Ruggero represented Stavronopoulos.

    • Yong Men Eligible for Service The Greek community in Newcastle is excited and intensely patriotic. At the Greek Club, in King-street, yesterday, members eagerly scanned newspapers for news of the war. "We are pleased that Greece is resisting Hitler and Mussolini," members declared. "Greece will never surrender her independence. She will fight for it."
    • The Secretary of the Greek Brother hood in Newcastle (Mr. N. Scott) said that they were awaiting advice from the Greek Consul in Sydney. There would he a meeting of the Greek Brotherhood in Newcastle on Sunday to discus the position.
    • Mr. Scott said that there were some younger members of the Greek community in Newcastle who were eligible to he called to the colours, but not many. Most of the Greeks there were older, and had lived hero for many years. "Greece will never give in," Mr. Scott said. "Greeks would rather die fighting against great odds for their independence in the past, and they will fight determinedly again," The Greek Brotherhood in  Newcastle has a membership of about 100.
    • Mr, M. Karanges is President.

    GREEK BROTHERHOOD 19 Oct 1933 Successful Inaugural Picnic                              
    • Members of the Greek Brotherhood Newcastle express satisfaction at the success of the inaugural. picnic held at Blackalls, About 150 people were present, and a thoroughly enjoyable day was spent. The President of the Brotherhood, Mr. G. Kostakes spoke of the aims and work of the Brotherhood, and said that he was very pleased to. see such a happy gathering, with old fellowship. The Treasurer, Mr. N. Scot supported his remarks, and expressed appreciation of the generosity of all who had 'provided prizes and assisted with other donations. The organising work was carried out under the direction of Messrs. Scott (Treasurer) and G. Koutsoucos (Secretary), and other members ofthe committee were Messrs. B. Tsolaklis and N. Kastanos.

    The Greek Brotherhood of Newcastle 1949
    • N. SCOTT, President, PETER GALANIS, Secretary.

    Open on the Sabbath.
    • Con Brettos, for keeping his fruit shop open on the Sabbath, was fined 5s, and 4s 4 dooste; and A. Mirabetto and George Paxinos, it being their second offence, of asimilar nature, were fined £2, or 14 days

    • Theo Rafty, 26, shopkeeper, was remanded to June on a charge of having been In Pestel-lane, Newcastle, on Saturday for betting. Mr.A. E. L. Street appeared for Rafty.

    Fined For Price breaches, Embassy Cafe "of Prices regulations" last year Tue 20 Jan 1948, 
    • OVERCHARGED ON DRINK Michael Peter Karanges, part proprietor of the Embassy Cafe, Hunter street, was fined £10. on each of two charges of having overcharged for a fruit drink, £10 on each of two charges of having offered a fruit drink for sale at more than the fixed price, and £5 on each of two charges of having failed to exhibit a notice setting out the correct prices of drinks. In each case he was ordered to pay £2/14/ costs.
      Similar charges against Constantine Karanges, part proprietor of the cafe were withdrawn. A Prices officer said that Karanges had sold and offered for sale fruit drinks for 6d, the correct prine of which was 5d. Price lists were exhibited on tables in the cafe, but not at the counter. Mr. J. Braun, instructed by Mr. Buble. for Karanges, said the charges could be traced to a complete lack of cooperation between the Prices branch and retailers. Another case In which James George Morris, proprietor of the Beach Cafe, Hunter.street. and an employee, are charged with having overcharged- for a pound of fish on May 16, was adjourned to to-day. Mr. Adrian Curlewis, Instructed by the Crown Solicitor, prosecuted'-In each. ease. "

    BRAWL IN CAFE; Brown Derby Cafe,  £50 Loss 7 June 1952
    • Three garbage cans had been filled with broken glass and china after a brawl in his cafe, James Kolyvas said in Newcastle Court yesterday. Kolyvas, proprietor of the Brown Derby Cafe, Hunter street, said he estimated the damage at £50. He was giving evidence against Jacob Tordjman, 27,seaman, who had been charged with having maliciously injured a telephone, a plate glass window, six gallon jars, four syrup jars, three dozen cups, four dozen plates, three table tops, one dozen glasses, a quantity of chocolates, a white coat and a knife.  Mr. R. A. hardwicke, S.M., remanded Tordjman till June 30 on £20 bail, to allow further evidence to be given.
    • "Like Madman" Kolyvas said the' trouble started when Tordjman spoke to a waitress in a foreign language, I told Tordjman the management allowed the staff to speak no other language than English,"Then, like a madman, he got up, knife and fork In his hands, brought them down and smashed the table top," Kolyvas said. "He said he could speak several languages and no one would stop him." "When I told him I would have to call the police, he threw a big jar of lollies at me. I ran for my life. The jar hit a stack of plates and saucers, and broke dozens of them." Kolyvas said Tordjman then started throwing Jars. "He pulled out the telephone and hit a man on the templo with it," he said, "He hit a waitress with an unbreakable glass, and the girl fainted, People in the cafe ran for their lives. It was a panic,"Members of his staff struggled with Tordjman in tie gutter outside the shop. Tordjman kicked one of his staff away and got into n taxi. Kolyvas said three garbage cans had been filled with broken glass from the cafe. Sergeant O'Neill said Tordjman told him threo men were involved in the fight. The other men had broken things,too.

    FIRE at the Astoria Cafe 25 OCT 1951
    • A large crowd quickly gathered in Hunter-street last night to watch a brief but spectacular fire which damaged a building in Patey' lane, off Newcomen-street Brigades from Cook's Hill, Hamilton and Tighe's Hill last night saved surrounding offices from destruction when fire broke out in a building at the end of Patey's Lane, off Newcomen-street, Newcastle. A section of the building used as a store by the Astoria Cafe and its contents were severely damaged by fire and water,
    • Premises adjoining, occupied by Mr. Tom Brown, wholesale merchant, and the contents were damaged by water. The roof of a small church beyond Brown's premises was damaged. There was also water damage in one of Heiron and Smith's store rooms, which is reached by stairs from Hunter-street, but is below the level of the damaged building. The extent of the damage to the properties had not been estimated last night. Starting at the end of the lane way, around which is a nest of weatherboard buildings, small offices and agencies are located, the fire at one stage threatened the whole block.

    FIRE at the Astoria Cafe 20 MARCH 1950
    • Hunter-street Fire Damage Near £35,000 Fire brigade officers yesterday estimated fire and water damnage to a brick building at the corner of Newcomen and Hunter Streets. and to stocks and machinery on the four floors, at between £30,000 and £35,000. Brigade headquarters were notified of the fire at 5.23 a.m. on Saturday. They had the flames extinguished 40 mintutes later. Four brigades, consisting of 30 men and five officers under the direction of Inspector W. Dever, of Newcastle Fire Brigade Head quarters, fought the fire.
    • They ran an extension ladder to the top floor, where the fire is be lieved to have started. Three lines of hoses, boosted by two pumping plants, poured tons of water into the building.
    • Valuable equipment, including a number of sewitng machines on the top floor, occupied by the Lorna Lea dressmaking factory, was destroyed, as was the King-street end of the second floor, occupied by Mr. A. Anderson, manufacturer's agent, and Mr. C. Hocquard, real estate agent. The third floor used by Mr. Anderson as a whlolesale store, was also damaged extensively. The fire ruined furs and fashion frocks, set aside on the first floor by Mrs. M. Jones, proprietress of the Margo Frock Salon for the Lady Mayoress's mannequin parade
    • at the City Hall to-morrow. Water damaged many models stored on the ground floor. Mrs. Jones told the Lady Mayoress (Mrs. Quinlan) yesterday that sufficient new season models
    • had been saved to justify the parade. The parade will be held. In the adjoining building, water damaged cartons of confectionery and other goods in the Astoria Cafe, and goods in the Maryason Hosiery, owned by Margaret E. Owen, and A. H. Wilkinson, photographer's studio. In the sameFix this text building, premises occupied by H.P. Wood, tailor, and Heffernan's
    • Millinery and their stocks were damaged by heat and smoke.The building, owned by Mr. Gerald Levy, and insured for £10,000, had little exterior damage, other than for a slight crevice in the southern wall. The interior walls of the third and fourth floors will need replastering and the floors will have to be repaired. Fire brigade officers have been unable to determine the cause of the fire.

    to be continued.....

    By Spero Davias - 2012 - 2019


    Arthur Sikiotis
    Stavros, Ithaca Greece

    Paul Paxinos
    Stavros, Ithaca Greece  
    Demetrios (Jim) K. Kolivas
    Ithaca Greece,

    Basil Stavros Ithaca Greece
    Yianko Rafty  (Ioanis Raftopoulos) Kioni, Ithaca,Greece 1939

    Chris Stavros Ithaca Greece
    Denes Koutsouvelis
    Stavros, Ithaca Greece

    Stanly Levendis (Stathis) Dced 1954 Ithaca Greece 1909
    Gerry (Gerassimos) Cominos Lefki, Ithaca Greece 1924

    Peter Cominos, from
    Lefki, Ithaca Greece
    George Davias
    Lefki, Ithaca Greece 1923

    Agapitos Montiadis, (James George Morris),
    Island of Symi, Greece
    Jerry Comminos Lefki Ithaca Greece

    Jerry Kolivas, from Ithaca Greece Ithaca Greece
    Con Zavitsanos  Ithaca Greece

    Michael Peter Karanges, Vlahokerasia, Greece
    Angelo Bourtzos,
    Vlahokerasia, Greece

    Con (Constantine) Karanges Vlahokerasia, Greece
    Michael Karanges Vlahokerasia, Greece

    Theo Karanges Vlahokerasia, Greece
    Nouli Maroulis
    Ithaca Greece

    Jim Zervos
    Stavros, Ithaca Greece
    Nicholas Scott Ithaca Greece

    Charlie Roussos Cyprus
    Theo Rafty
    Kioni, Ithaca Greece

    Nick Karanges Vlahokerasia, Greece
    Chris Sofianos Lesvos, Greece.

    Con Karanges Vlahokerasia, Greece
    Stan Tsohadsis Lesvos, Greece.

    George Lekatsas (Lucas) Ithaki Greece
    George Lekatsas (Lucas)  Kalivia, Ithaca Greece

    George Roussos Cyprus
    John Lekatsas (Lucas) Kalivia, Ithaca Greece

    Alexaber Zeppos
    Tripoli, Greece
    John Raftos Agia Saranta, Ithaca Gr

    Sophianos Denes Ithaca Greece
    Nick Raftos Agia Saranta, Ithaca Gr

    Cutsuicles Denes Ithaca Greece
    Nick Politis
    Meganisi, Greece

    Peter Paxinos Peter Sourlos, Chris Papas Nick Papas
    Zograff Hresto, Jas. Cofteros Andrew Kulidas Gerasimos (Jerry) Grivas
    George Grivas Con Rolf, Telemahos Paizis Babis Bonis
    Peter Dallas Michael Shannos, Theo Millas, Chris Stelianos,
    Michael Magripilis, Con Scanos John Scoufis, John Barlas, 
    Kaminis Jim Litsa George Peter Kostakes, Peter Kotteakos,
    George Velissaris Nick Velissaris Spiro Payzis, Nick Gerakiteys
    Steve Gounis, John Barlas Peter Galanis Chris Gianacas
    Basilis Tsolakis Speros Benas Chris Stelianos Steve Barboutis
    Chris Stelianos Trevor Paxinos Con Raftos Arthur Gianacas
    Con Gianacas.

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    • Most of the owners and proprietors from the establishments as listed above were born and raised on the Greek island of Ithaca. The majority were my uncles and if not, it was respectful in Greek culture to address anyone that was related in some way as an 'Uncle'. Being the Electrician in the family and later The  Electrical Contractor, I was involved in helping out Uncles & Cousins with their Electrical Instalations & repairs within the majority of the Cafe's in the region from the 1960's onwards.

      Spero Davias,  Hamilton East

    Thanks go to all our contributors to date.....
    Spero Davias,  Angelo Coots, Greg Lucas (Chegs), Noula Trypas, Angelo Tsiaousis, Thora Constantinou.
    and also to Catherine (Nina) Raftos for her fantastic contribution.
    A Special thanks for her contributions must go to local historian, Pamela Marley

    Newcastle Herald
    Ralph Snowball
    the late Percy Sternbeck

    Newcastle Herald
    Newcastle Library

    Spelling Mistakes
    The Newspaper Jurno's at the time were not the best spellers of Greek Names.
    Most names are shown as printed in the newspaper clippings, some are updated.

    Spero Davias - 2012 - 2019


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